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Cold Calling: 6 Myths You Always Believed in But You Shouldn’t Any Longer

Cold calling is like Marmite – you either love it or you hate it, but to be successful with it you need to try it a bit more. For many people cold calling is the worst way of gaining new leads and delivering excellent results, but mainly because they don’t know the crisp cold calling practices and they still believe in things that don’t apply to reality.

Sergey Butko

Ta-dam! Yeh, let’s face the truth – cold calling is doing better than you think – and could work wonders if maintained properly.

In our article, we are going to debunk some cold calling myths and at the same time show some cold calling best practices.

Did you know that 91% of consumers resign the interest of the company due to poor customer service?

Smart cold calling can help you reach your business goals and dreams.  However, first, you need to get rid of some myths and check cold calling statistics.

Myths about cold calling you should STOP believing in (right now!):

  • Cold calling has to be pushy to be successful

Although cold calling is perceived as the worst sales technique because of being very pushy and direct, it doesn’t have to look this way at all.

First of all, there is a massive difference between cold calling from customers’ initiative and cold calling based on a “numbers lottery” from several phonebooks.

The former can’t be pushy at all – if it is, it burns the potential lead.

  • People hate cold calling

People can hate cold calling for sure if they come from undesired sources.

However, what about a situation when they were aware of leaving their phone numbers and happy to wait for a call from a company they want to get in touch with?

  • It’s expensive to implement and maintain

There is another myth spread by people who have no idea how to properly apply this process in their companies and what cold calling techniques they should use.

Cold calling could make you go bankrupt – but not if it cost $0 a month, right?

At CallPage we have a completely Free plan, which gives you 15 worldwide phone calls a month, the opportunity to implement two consultants, and a host of other features.

Plus, you can integrate with any CRM you use (if you use none, high time for you to think about some!).

It’s perfect for those who want to dip their feet and see what wonders inbound calls can make to their business.

If you want something to be expensive, it will be. If you think about saving money while keeping high quality, you should try CallPage callback widget out.

  • It can be temporary and doesn’t require that much time

Some people mistakenly think that they can take care of cold calling once or twice, and it doesn’t have to be a process.

Well, they have never been that wrong.

Cold calling shouldn’t be temporary, and it should be a part of the whole process of efficient sales.

Brief action can make do, but in the long-term, it may turn out to be not worthy of the efforts you took.

Also, the proper cold-calling process requires a lot of time and effort – after all, it is not only about calling, remember!

  • You can build business on cold calling

Although cold calling may be an essential part of your business, it won’t be its core. Behind cold calling, there must be an offer and value you deliver and want to provide to your customers.

Moreover, as one of cold callings’ benefits is to support your marketing and sales efforts – and it could become the central part of gaining customers – it can’t become a central part of building your business since too many factors affect it.

Cold calling is not enough to make you successful.

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  • Cold calling doesn’t deliver leads

Cold calling can be a great way of lead generation!

Cold callings’ success rate can be measured in a different way depending on industry, company, KPIs or actual leads.

And if your strategy of cold calling includes follow-ups, an intelligent approach to this process and appropriate tools to maintain your cold calling efforts may result in a surprising number of values.

Obviously, there is a long way to turn LEADS into DEALS, but it’s your call!

Is this actually cold calling or you can warm it up?

No one likes spam, neither do we.

That’s why CallPage is not about ice-cold calling.

It is rather about warm calling – because it is preceded by customer’s contact first.

When it comes to cold calling, there is no one size fits all solution.

Set up some cold calling goals and start making them come true – but not by any means.

Follow some steps and avoid myths that could stop your business from being prospective!

About Author:
Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe. Digital Marketer. Speaker, Author, AI passionate. Co-founder at CallPage – Callback Automation and co-founder at Certifier – Online Certificate Creator. Areas of expertise: product design, marketing technology, and B2B sales.

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