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CallPage for B2B Service Providers

Stop letting website visitors slip through your fingers! Transform curious clicks into high-quality leads. Join companies from all over the world who are already using CallPage. Try different lead capture forms.

Join more than 1500 companies that generate sales with CallPage 

Generate Up to 75% More Sales Leads with CallPage

  • Increase the number of high-quality leads generated
  • Increase conversion rates of the website
  • Keep control over the sales team’s activities
  • Reduce the cost of leads

Capture More Ready-to-Buy Leads From Your Website

Offer visitors a better way to contact you and get more qualified leads straight to your sales pipeline.

Shorter Time to Lead and More Closed Deals!

Our data shows that cutting your reply time to 30 seconds can increase your conversion rate by as much as 120%.

Our click-to-call widgets placed across your website encourage potential customers to connect. Even after hours, when your team is offline. Capture leads automatically, day and night, and never miss a potential sale.

Schedule More Sales Meetings

Meetings are the fuel of the B2B sales process. Why not allow your site visitors to schedule appointments in seconds?

Leads can quickly schedule meetings by filling out a form on the pop-up. You can customize the form to gather essential information upfront and gain a better understanding of each lead's needs. CallPage's built-in lead distribution system lets your clients connect to the right consultant within seconds.

Start Call Management

Keep control over sales team activities

Collect, track, and analyze every call to see your conversion rates soar. Record all calls to keep track of your conversations and analyze your sales team's efficiency. Gain better insights with sales & marketing metrics reports.


Increase in Conversion Rate and Customer Satisfaction

We are really satisfied with the results delivered by CallPage. Every day, our agents answer phone calls from customers interested in our services. We can see a direct connection between the implementation of CallPage and increased customer satisfaction.

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CallPage Is The Best

Integrate Callpage With Your Favourite Tools

With our native integrations, you can ensure a stable and customized data transfer between systems. With Zapier integrations, you can connect CallPage to over 5,000 different tools and make your teams' work seamless. 

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