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Your Sales and Marketing Guidelines

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  • 80 elements and functions of the online store

    Download the complete list for free and check how you can successfully increase sales in your online shop.

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  • Where to get some sales leads?

    One of the most asked questions in the world of sales. You may just get some answers in our e-book.

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  • Optimizing the conversion factor from the basis

    Optimize conversion rate on your website from the basis and push your sales to the moon!

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  • Landing Page Optimization Guide for CMOs

    Analyze landing pages to find fallacies that decrease your conversion rate. Solve the problems and reach monthly KPIs.

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  • How dealerships in the U.S. lose car sales leads

    Learn what is a lead response rate for car dealerships and how to avoid losing hot leads

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  • How can VoIP Integrations improve your Sales Performance?

    Learn how telephone connection over the Internet can empover your sales

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  • NeuroSales: The Brainy Guide for Mastering Sales

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  • How to be competitive in marketing as an SMB?

    Our brand new e-book is here to equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to thrive in the challenging world of marketing.

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  • Unlocking the Lead Generation Potential of Phone Calls

    CallPage experts created this guide with best practices and case studies on effectively using phone calls to generate leads.

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  • Meeting Scheduling Tool Guide

    Maximize the potential of meeting scheduling tools. Discover effective strategies to boost lead generation. Explore real examples tailored to your industry.

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  • Cost Per Lead Calculator

    Optimize your marketing campaigns and improve your CPL, CR, and ROI.

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