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Healthcare Lead Generation with CallPage

Give your current and prospective patients an easy and accessible way to contact you and book a visit and generate high-quality leads from your site. Lead generation for the healthcare industry.

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Healthcare Lead Generation Strategy That Works

CallPage is the best tool to assist your potential customers in booking a visit using a phone or booking form. Don't look for low-quality leads elsewhere - turn your website into a lead generation channel and gain more qualified leads.

Only 28 Seconds to Connect With Your Patients

The most seamless way for patients to connect with your staff. No more missed calls.

Healthcare providers are often struggling with a low website conversion rate. By clicking the handset icon on your site, your patients can order an automatic return phone call. The guarantee of a fast connection makes them more willing to contact you and leave their number. Each call is automatically connected to the first available consultant on your end, who can efficiently arrange an appointment or answer questions.

Book Visits Directly From Your Website

Generate more high-quality medical leads in seconds.

With CallPage Meetings, patients can easily schedule an appointment from their computer or mobile device. You'll be able to provide your patients with the convenience and assurance they need when looking for healthcare services! Make your patients' booking experience as effortless as possible. 

Connect Callpage to Your Existing Tech Stack

Keep all data in one place so that you can work in a more organized and efficient way.

Connect CallPage Meetings with your team calendar. Depending on what the patient chooses in the booking form, you can route them to a particular team staff member and present the user with the available hours. Everything is done quickly and conveniently, both for your customers and medical staff.

Use the Best Call to Action

Try phone callback with strong CTA — lead generation methods that work.

Healthcare lead-generation strategies are essential for medical professionals to expand their patient base and increase revenue. However, medical lead generation specialists too often forget to add convenient calls to action on their medical site. Meanwhile, sites 72% of all doctor's appointments booked online have been booked over phone reservation. Provide your customer with the best call to action! 

Improve the Quality of Patient Service

Gather all necessary data before the appointment.

With CallPage, you provide your patients with the best booking experience. Regardless if they choose to contact you immediately by phone, book an appointment online, or schedule a call for later. Generate healthcare leads while improving the overall customer experience!

200 More Leads

Our clinic focuses primarily on innovative solutions. We stick to this principle both when it comes to the quality of our services and when it comes to customer care. As soon as we heard about a tool that could help us improve our customer service, we immediately decided to test it. We were not disappointed! Thanks to CallPage, we contact people who land on our website in 29 seconds - our customers appreciate it.

  • 200 More Leads

  • Better Lead Response Time

  • Improved Sales Process

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