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Turn website visitors into sales calls, instantly

Turn website visitors into sales calls, instantly

The #1 Callback Automation for your website that helps you connect with buyers faster. Use CallPage and provide immediate free phone callback to your leads in 28 seconds.

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Automatic CallBack for your website
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and more than 1500 top performing sales teams are using CallPage

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Increase efficiency of Marketing, Sales and Customer support

  • CallPage - Callback Automation Platform

    Callback Automation Platform for your website and sales team

    Everything you need to generate more phone calls and build better relationships with leads and customers.

    Popular features:

    • Automatic callback in 28 seconds
    • Call me later function
    • Widget customization
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Callpage - for marketers

For Marketers

With CallPage you can generate leads at scale. Callback software to help you to improve User Experience & convert more visitors into calls for your Sales Team.

Popular features:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead targeting
  • Analytics Dashboard
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CallPage - for sales

For Sales

Time-saving software that helps you get hotter leads from Website and close them on the phone. CallPage also help to decrease response time and can be integrated with your CRM

Popular features:

  • Callback in 28 seconds
  • Call scheduling
  • CRM integration
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CallPage - for service

For Service

Very often your customers except livechat need to have ASAP call from you. With CallPage you can exceed expectation, provide immediate callback and increase your NPS score

Popular features:

  • Callback in 28 seconds from link
  • Widget customisation
  • Call tickets dashboard
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What is CallPage?

  • Callpage's widget


    Callback Automation

    Every user who visits your website is your potential customer, interested in your offer. Amaze them by offering an instant connection over the phone in 28 seconds via call back widget. Apply powerful scoring rules to display the popup when the leads are the hottest and most likely to convert. Connect the widget with your contact forms or link to it in your email signature to make it available wherever your potential customers are.

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  • Callpage's pop-up


    Interactive pop-up

    To offer your potential customers an automatic call back, a fully customizable popup is displayed. You can edit the copy of your popup, add dynamic elements or apply advanced personalization via our powerful CSS editor. All popups are responsive and display flawlessly on any device.

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  • Callpage's analytics


    Call analytics

    Advanced reports and data available in the CallPage dashboard give you thorough information about your lead generation and sales processes. You can analyze all activities related to inbound calls within your organization, what happens before, during and after a call. This data will help you optimize workflows and measure the productivity of your salespeople. You can store this information in your CRM or e-mail.

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CallPage provides immediate improvement of business processes:

  • CallPage - sales calls

    Generate more sales calls and increase the conversion rate

    Every visitor is a potential customer. With our powerful scoring system catch leads when they’re the hottest and offer them a free 28 seconds callback.

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  • CallPage - Lead Response Time

    Your speed to lead is crucial

    In Lead Response Time, every minute matters. Making a prospect wait longer than 5 minutes means an 80% decrease in lead qualification. Your potential customers visit your website and want to talk with you instantly.

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  • CallPage - lead generation

    Your hottest leads deserve better

    When a real human dials a potential customer immediately, they are often pleasantly surprised.Increase your speed to lead with an automated callback that doubles your inbound conversion rate.

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  • CallPage - efficiency

    Increase the efficiency of salespeople

    Eliminate boring and routine work. Let salespeople focus on what they do best - talking with qualified leads and closing deals.

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Integrate CallPage with your favorite tools

Integrate CallPage with your favorite tools

Integrate CallPage with your favorite tools

Capitalize on the power of callback combined with popular tech platforms

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Integrate CallPage with your favorite tools

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    CallPage - Best est. ROI award

Start Growing with CallPage Today

Give your digital visitors the ability to get in touch with you within seconds by implementing a callback solution like CallPage. This tool, implemented on your web page, encourages an immediate conversation and connects a potential client with a consultant in 28 seconds, having a direct, positive influence on conversion rate and sales results.

Ross Knap – CEO at CallPage

Ross Knap – CEO at CallPage

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