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Automated Call and Lead Distribution

Efficiently route all incoming calls and leads to the right teammates within seconds using CallPage’s product suite. Elevate your customer experience with seamless call and lead distribution.

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Qualify and Distribute Your Leads Automatically

Route incoming calls and leads to the right sales team member faster and increase the chances of converting leads into customers.

Automated Call Distribution

Experience higher customer satisfaction with CallPage’s Automatic Call Distribution system

Whether you run a call center or manage a sales team, our automatic call distributor seamlessly directs all incoming calls to the best available personnel. Use the lead distribution strategy to cut down on response time and elevate your team’s performance. Assign your team members to departments or groups, manage their availability, and decide how to route incoming calls. Use the dual power of a virtual number and click to call.

Callback Solution

Take customer interactions to the next level with our Click-to-Call feature

Instead of asking your customers to dial a number, offer them the most seamless experience with a click-to-call pop-up. Your site visitors or customers can request immediate callbacks, and our system will connect them with the right person on your team in 28 seconds. Improve your sales process using distribution methods. Automatic Call Distribution and Click-to-Call make a powerful duo that takes your contact center to a new level. Convert more leads, create better customer experiences, and see unparalleled results.

Lead Distribution System

Try CallPage Meetings and use its built-in lead distribution software

Ask relevant questions on your capture form. Gather more data about your leads and filter them by quality, location, language, product, and more. Distribute leads among your team based on data gathered in the form. Enhance your lead distribution process and direct incoming meetings to your sales reps in seconds.

Call Tracking and Recording

Speed up call assignment and ensure effective handling

The CallPage system lets you track call sources, evaluate team responses, and analyze interaction quality. Comprehensive reporting features provide insights into operational performance and areas for improvement. Record incoming and outgoing calls to keep track of your conversations. Elevate your operations and deliver high-quality customer service with ease.

Direct All Incoming Leads Using Callback or Meetings

  • Meetings

    Invite users to schedule an online or offline meeting with your team directly from your website. Route the meetings to the right person in seconds.

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  • Calls

    Allow users to request an instant callback from your company in less than 28 seconds. Direct the incoming call to the best sales rep.

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Reach Your Customers Faster

Reduce lead response time and make an immediate impression on your potential customers. No matter where your site visitors choose to call or meet, they will be contacted within seconds, not hours.

Don’t Limit Your Growth. Capture Leads and Calls Wherever You Want:

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Integrate Callpage With Your Favourite Tools

With our native integrations, you can ensure a stable and customized data transfer between systems. With Zapier integrations, you can connect CallPage to over 5,000 different tools and make your teams' work seamless. 

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