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CallPage for real estate market players

Attract potential house buyers, sellers, and tenants and capture more leads. At every stage, help potential customers with an automated callback. Convert a casual browse to a solid lead and reduce your response time.

Join more than 1500 companies that generate sales with CallPage 

Build relationships with potential buyers and renters

Whether you are a developer of new dwellings, a real estate agency, or a commercial property manager, CallPage helps you connect with your clients faster.

When it comes to real estate, clients want a quick response from agents.

Reduce your response time to 28 seconds. That's how much time your potential buyer will need to make contact with your agent. Don't lose the interest of potential buyers. Install CallPage on your website today. 


Use CallPage Meetings and encourage potential buyers to schedule a property viewing.

With CallPage Meetings, buyers can easily book a meeting from their computer or mobile device. You can collect their data and information about the properties they are interested in and arrange a meeting with your agent in the office or at the property. Thanks to the integration with the calendars of your employees, the whole process will take seconds, and the buyer and the agent will receive a confirmation of the appointment by email or SMS.


No more missed opportunities

Thanks to an automated callback, the after-hours mode, and the schedule-for-later feature.

Potential buyers usually browse your property listings in the evening. CallPage collects phone numbers around the clock and calls these prospects when your team is back at work. Plus, all numbers are available in your CallPage dashboard. So you'll never lose a contact again.


More than 30 leads in first days

The CallPage widget allows us to contact users who visit our website within seconds. Thanks to the implementation of CallPage, we now have the opportunity to talk to people who are interested in the services of our company. It is a great support for our sales department.


  • Increased amount of contacts

  • Increased average call duration

  • New lead generation source

Start generating leads today!

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