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CallPage For E-commerce

Connect your buyers with support personnel using calls. Make your buying process frustration-free. Engage with your shoppers, increase average cart value, and reduce the abandoned cart rate.

Join more than 1500 companies that generate sales with CallPage 

Engage With Your Buyers and Unleash Their Shopping Potential!

Have real conversations with your shoppers, provide invaluable guidance, and sell more products.

Perfect for Stores With More Specialized Goods About Which Customers Need to Make Well-Informed Decisions

CallPage is especially useful if you are selling products that require a lot of thought by the customer or a lot of explanation by your personnel, such as home furnishings and specialized equipment. With CallPage, your customer support team can provide answers quickly—lending a helping hand when shoppers need it most.


Callpage Reduces the Frustration of Your Customers and Lowers the Abandoned Cart Rate

Shopping online should be painless, stress-free, and fun. Our callback service enables you to proactively communicate with shoppers on your eCommerce site when they need help. Make the buying process easier and more engaging. Add CallPage to such key pages as your payment page, shipping page, and card summary page. Combining CallPage with a chat function makes for a powerful duo that will help you increase orders.


Simplify the Reply Process and Give Customers the Help They Need in Record Time

With CallPage, your support team can easily handle customer inquiries in record time, transforming tedious email and chat exchanges into lightning-fast phone conversations. Respond to questions quickly and efficiently.


372 More Leads With CallPage

People have always been the most important thing for our company, therefore we try to be a good partner and advisor for our clients. We were looking for a tool that would support us in building positive relations with customers and make contact with our advisors even easier. We have managed to increase the quality of our service thanks to CallPage.

  • Increased number of contacts

  • Increased call duration

  • Increased amount of leads

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