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Improved Response Time

Lavazza is a well-known international coffee producer.

165calls per month 
3 minutesaverage conversation time
2widgets installed 

The company struggled with providing outstanding customer service. It received thousands of calls and contact inquiries daily but lacked a system that would enable quick response times, satisfying both the users and management. 

Since CallPage was introduced on the website, Lavazza has had significantly more interactions with customers and a highly improved reaction time. A callback offer makes the company seem instantly and constantly available to its potential customers. This builds trust and increases the number of sales calls from highly motivated users who are at the end of their buyer journey.

530 Calls per Month

KRUK España is an international company offering debt collection services.

530calls per month
4 minutesaverage conversation time

The company wasn’t able to find a reliable callback solution. They tested a few tools, but none of them fulfilled their high expectations. 

CallPage turned out to be the perfect solution for KRUK España. Offering an immediate call for anyone who expressed an interest in the company’s offerings was exactly what customers and potential clients were looking for. Adding the CallPage widget to the website increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

Seamless Callback Integration Across Markets

DocPlanner is a healthcare technology that connects patients with doctors.

DocPlanner operates in more than 20 markets and understands the difficulties doctors face in reaching them. To simplify communication, the website has added a CallPage widget. This widget enables doctors to receive a callback from a consultant within 28 seconds. If the consultant is busy, the call is automatically directed to the next available representative. Managers can also access call recordings to monitor customer interactions.

As an international company, DocPlanner prioritizes flexible software that can be used in all its operational markets. This ensures a smooth connection between doctors and patients worldwide.

8 yearswith CallPage
16widgets installed 
4 languagesthe widget is in 4 different languages

Lead Generation for Car Dealer

CallPage gave Ford BCH Chwaliński a substantial boost in lead generation.

32months with CallPage
2 min 11 secaverage conversation time
63calls per month

Ford dealer was seeking a solution that would enable their customers to connect with a representative quickly and effortlessly, eliminating the need to search for a phone number.

With the convenient callback widget seamlessly integrated into their website. Potential customers were able to request immediate contact with a representative at the click of a button.

Increase Sales Results

Play is cellular telecommunications provider.

Before using CallPage, Play had a problem with their sales hotline. Customers had to wait a long time to connect with a seller, which made them give up and go to competitors instead. However, after implementing the CallPage widget, customers could contact the sales department much faster, sometimes in less than 28 seconds. This led to better commercial results and improved customer satisfaction.

6 yearswith CallPage
10widgets installed 
14,000calls per month 

96.3% Success Rate

FaktorOne (previously IdeaMoney) uses CallPage in its app for business clients.

800calls per month
5 min 10 secaverage conversation time
96,3%calls are successful

After logging into the app, customers can use the plugin to contact the company’s consultant and select the department they want to connect with. 

When the customer provides their phone number, the company’s consultant connects with them automatically within 30 seconds. Each month, about 800 people choose this form of contact.

Quantity and Quality of Leads

MG Projekt is an architectural workshop specializing in designing single-family houses.

22months with CallPage
165calls per month
84%calls are successful

The company faced an important challenge: enhancing and automating its lead generation efforts. Potential clients in the industry valued personal connections and preferred phone conversations to discuss the details of MG Projekt's customized services. 

With CallPage's lead capture system, MG Projekt experienced a significant increase in both the quantity and quality of their leads. They were able to track and analyze where the leads originated from. MG Projekt expressed high satisfaction, rating CallPage a solid 9 out of 10.

More Contact Data For Dental Clinic

The Borczyk Implantology and Esthetic Dentistry Clinic provides dental services.

200calls per month
2 min 05 secaverage conversation time
4 employeesfor handling calls

Since they’re using CallPage, Borczyk Clinic offers new and returning clients a faster way of contact. Their pop-up widget uses scoring rules to analyze user behavior on the site. When a user, e.g., returns to the website for the next time – a window appears on their screen and offers a callback.

Improved Sales Tactics

Inetum provides customers with specialized IT services.

31successful calls monthly
2 min 22 secaverage conversation time
3 employeesfor handling calls

The system uses scoring rules, which analyze user behavior on the website. When the consumer performs a specific action, e.g. browsing the website for a long time – the system displays a callback widget. Such quick contact with the user increases the chance of getting a new client.

The advantage of using CallPage on the website is also the fact that all conversations are recorded. Thanks to this, the sales department can listen to the conducted conversations and improve their sales tactics.

Instant Free Consultation

Specbrands is an online store that offers equipment and clothing for law enforcement and shooting enthusiasts

372leads generated in a year
4 minutesaverage conversation time
1 advisorfor handling calls

Specbrands tries to stay ahead of the competition on every level, which is why the decision to implement the CallPage widget was almost immediate. The store receives up to 40 calls monthly. What customers appreciate most is the possibility of getting a free consultation in such a short time.

Despite the fact that only one person uses the system, the answering rate is at the level of 77%. When time allows, the remaining unanswered calls are called back directly from the CallPage system panel.

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