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CallPage For Car Dealers

Provide outstanding customer service by assisting prospective car buyers instantly. CallPage increases the number of leads for car dealers, car rental agencies, and auto repair shops.

Join more than 1500 companies that generate leads and sales with CallPage 

Don’t Let Those Car Buyers Drive Away!

In a flash, CallPage helps dealers and rental offices take the first big step in making hot deals. With our top-notch widget, you can turn more potential customers into happy drivers.

Best Lead Magnet for Car Dealers

Encourage your buyers to get in touch.

Instead of spending hours browsing through websites and showrooms, potential buyers can quickly request a callback. CallPage makes it easy for car dealers to stay connected with potential customers and to keep them engaged with your products. No more struggling to generate leads: CallPage provides an easier and smoother process for car dealers and car buyers alike.

Reduce the Number of Missed Calls

Stay in control of your team's performance, and never again overlook a sales opportunity.

If you've been in the dark about how well your car sales team performs, now's your chance to be illuminated. With access to statistics on incoming calls and call recordings, you'll get an inside look at which members of your sales team are really revving their engines, and you'll learn firsthand just how they speak with clients. Moreover, thanks to the callback and after-hours features, the number of unanswered calls will drop.


Schedule a Test Drive or Visits

It's automated and easy for your buyers and your team.

With CallPage Meetings, buyers can easily book a meeting from their computer or mobile device. You can collect their personal data and the information about the car they are interested in and arrange a meeting with a salesperson in your showroom. Thanks to the integration with the calendars of your employees, the process takes just a few minutes, and the buyer and the salesperson will receive a confirmation of the appointment by email.

800 More Calls Each Month

There’s nothing we think needs changing, really. CallPage has been working great for us for the past two years, and we’re happy to continue using it. Overall, we rate the experience a 10 out of 10!

  • Increased Amount of Calls

  • Improved Lead Response Time

  • Improved Conversion Rate

Start generating leads today!

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