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Virtual PBX for the SME sector

An all-in-one phone system for your business. A Virtual PBX with call tracking to manage all your company calls from one dashboard. Access and manage virtual phone system from anywhere. All you need is a computer with an internet connection!

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Calls Under Control With Virtual PBX

Add a virtual phone number to your CallPage plan. Start tracking all incoming calls in your business communications with the help of a virtual PBX system.

Virtual PBX system

Smooth management of incoming calls.

Automatically distribute all phone calls to the right people or departments using our powerful private branch exchange (PBX) system. Add personalized voice messages to guide the customer. Keep your customers on the line when they are waiting for a call.

Call Tracking & Recording

Get valuable information on all phone business communications.

Every call made via the virtual number is automatically recorded, providing a log of all company calls in the virtual PBX phone system. This feature grants access to a comprehensive record of your company's call history. Additionally, CallPage provides reports with important metrics for the marketing and sales departments. Virtual PBX phone system offer centralized storage for crucial metrics of business phone calls, a significant advantage over traditional phone system.

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Improve tracking of traffic from Facebook and Google Ads

Call tracking in a virtual PBX phone system provides data on incoming call sources. It shows which campaigns or materials generated the most phone calls. It also tracks the number of potential customer conversations from each source. When a call is traced, the virtual PBX phone system retrieves the caller's and recipient's internet protocol (IP) addresses, providing valuable insights into the call's origin and destination.

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    for better call management

  • Virtual phone numbers

    Use local or international phone numbers for your company, with options from over 30 countries. Select from a mobile phone, landline phone system, or toll-free number.

  • Call Scheduling

    Instead of waiting on hold, callers can select a time that works for them, and the virtual PBX system will automatically call them back at that time.

  • Personalized IVR

    Record your own personalized voice prompts and greetings to make your cloud PBX system more engaging and customer-friendly. Keep callers on the line and ready to convert.

  • Call Tracking

    Track every incoming call and its source with virtual PBX call tracking to gain actionable insights that boost your marketing ROI and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Call Recording

    Our call recording software helps you evaluate the performance based on real phone conversations.

  • Call Queuing

    When all your agents are busy, the system automatically places phone calls in a queue.

  • Statistics and analysis

    Check all relevant metrics for each department and consultant. Measure the workload of your employees during specific periods. 

  • Security

    Block numbers, countries or IP phones you don’t want to receive calls from.

A Virtual PBX Phone System Ensures You Handle Incoming Calls More Effectively and Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations

  • Shorter Waiting Time

    Answer customers' phone calls faster than before. Everything happens automatically within the CallPage phone system, enabling you to provide faster service.

  • Fewer Missed Calls 

    Fewer missed calls with personalized IRV messages and a queuing function. Business phone systems make sure that callers can stay engaged while waiting in line if they’re not answered immediately. 

  • Organize Your Staff

    Your teams no longer have to handle irrelevant calls and waste time transferring calls to other departments. With a virtual PBX provider, each call goes directly where it should. 

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