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Lead Generation For Education

Make it easy for potential students to get in touch with you, and let them speak to a real person who can answer all of their questions. Increase the number of sign-ups for your courses or programs. Works best for universities, private schools, and courses.

Join more than 1500 companies that generate qualified leads with CallPage 


Boost Enrollment & Connect with Students Instantly

Encourage them to connect with your staff to get more information about courses or events. Build trust and loyalty by offering a cohesive customer experience.

Higher Education Lead Generation

One click of a button enables potential students to get in touch with your team.

Many students looking for the perfect course often struggle with a complicated registration process and miss important information. With CallPage, you can improve lead capture with a simple callback feature. You can lead them step by step, answer all of their questions, and improve your sign-up rate. Generate leads with ease.

Successful Lead Generation Campaigns

Gain more potential customers from Facebook & Google Ads

Do you struggle with low conversion rates when advertising your courses and training? It's possible that potential students lack confidence in the ads alone. But, you can improve your campaign results by connecting CallPage to your ads and forms. This will allow you to quickly reach your audience and encourage them to take action.

No More Missed Opportunities

Thanks to the automated callback, the after-hours mode, and the schedule-for-later feature.

Do your students frequently interact with your site after regular business hours? Do they ask questions in chat but then never follow up with you? CallPage collects phone numbers around the clock and calls potential students when your team is available. Plus, all numbers are available in your CallPage dashboard. So you'll never lose contact again. CallPage increases enrollment rates for higher education institutions.

Collect More Details About Your Students With Custom Fields

Tailor offers based on the lead's answers and run a personalized meeting for a higher chance of closing the deal.

You don’t have to settle for just a phone number. CallPage enables you to add custom fields to capture other crucial details about your leads as well. This way, you have as much information as possible to help initiate a successful sale. Nor do you need to worry about losing precious data: everything is stored safely and securely in your database. Adjust the form to your lead generation strategies and pages. 

Increased Conversion Rate by Tens of Percent

The CallPage widget has proven to be a great choice for us. Since installing it on the site, our consultants and sales people are answering a lot more calls, which translates directly into improved conversions from the site and increased sales results.


  • Increased Number of Leads

  • Improved Lead Response Time

  • Increase in Sales Conversions

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