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Billed monthly Billed annually Billed monthly Billed annually Billed monthly Billed annually Billed monthly Billed annually
Number of calls per month 40 200 700 Unlimited
Number of consultants 3 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Domains 1 2 3 Unlimited
Callback in 28 seconds Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMS and e-mail notifications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced statistics and analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Call recording No Yes Yes Yes
Worldwide phone calls Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom SMS notifications No Yes Yes Yes
Rest & JS API No Yes Yes Yes
Possibility to call the chosen department No Yes Yes Yes
Your own custom text on the widget No Yes Yes Yes
Customized colors No Yes Yes Yes
Calling from business phone number No Yes Yes Yes
User roles No No Yes Yes
Customized pop-up No No No Yes
Customized advanced scoring options No No No Yes
Support during the installation process No No No Yes
Customer Support Via email, chat or phone Via email, chat or phone Via email, chat or phone Personal account manager
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Answers to common questions

What is an inbound call?

It's a call made by your rep when your potential customers use CallPage widget. Consider him a Lead with whom you can have a conversation. We don't count calls shorter than 10 seconds.

Why do I need more features than in the basic account?

The choice is up to you - that's why we have prepared different plans! However, some of the features will directly increase the number of incoming calls and that's why we also increase the number of calls in higher tiers.

What if someone tries to block or spam the widget?

We bet it won't happen, but we have created a blacklist where you can block anyone, just in case. Blacklist works with IP addresses and phone numbers.

Can I buy CallPage for one year?

Sure! It's 30% cheaper, so most of our customers choose longer plans. You can also sign up for monthly payments.