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#1 blog about sales calls

Onboarding email sequence: Convert subscribers into customers

How many subscribers do you have? And customers? In most cases, these numbers don’t coincide. The reasons can be different, but increasingly it is an incorrect onboarding strategy.  40-60% of users that get a free trial version will use it once and never come back according to the Intercom. You can change these figures with the help of the onboarding email campaign.

Irina Podorvan
Irina Podorvan
February 4, 2020

10 Phone Selling Negotiation Techniques That Will Boost Your Sales

Many times, businesses face the challenge of having to pitch the sales of their products through a phone call. Some even attribute a decline in their business to how they handle their phone negotiations, which may be right. 

Tobias Foster
Tobias Foster
January 31, 2020

Clients-Convert-Clients Marketing: Your Secret Sales Weapon

No matter what you do in life, you have to agree that marketing is a pretty complex field. There is no universal formula for success, you have to be really careful about what metrics you track and marketing trends change all the time. However, some things will always remain the same, such as the concept of social proof.

How to Increase Leads in the Consideration Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Figuring out the buyer’s journey is an essential task for all marketers, as it perfectly encapsulates the process most people go through when they buy something. It is a simple, three-step scheme that covers how they learn about a need, research about possible solutions, and finally, commit to a purchase to address their situation.

Victor Blasco
Victor Blasco
January 22, 2020

Top 8 CRM Processes to Improve the Efficiency of A Sales Team

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process of managing the interactions between a brand and its present/potential customers. This involves developing a series of activities to engage customers that already do business with you, nurture new prospects, and pursue opportunities that can increase sales.

The Basics to Online Lead Generation in the GDPR Era

After the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation came into effect since 2018, organizations are trying to find new strategies to foot in this new rule. Few aspects of the business like online marketing are largely affected by GDPR and it is at the heart of management and customer's personal data. 

Harley Marsh
Harley Marsh
January 7, 2020

How to Generate Leads with the Unsubscribe Page

Unsubscribe page is probably the most overlooked page on your entire website. There is a chance you don’t even know how it looks. Maybe it’s whatever your template had in stock, maybe even plain HTML straight from the nineties saying “Unsubscribe: successful”. However, this page is very important because it offers the last chance to make a case for your brand. Why not grab it?

Adam Wakoski
Adam Wakoski
December 27, 2019

Top SEO Tools To Analyze Your Website In 2020 | Report Garden

You either want a popular website, or you don’t want one at all!

Think - what’s the benefit of a webpage that lies on the fifth page of Google results, never to see the light of the first page? Negligible!

The traffic share degrades from 32.5% on page 1 to 6.1% on page 5, says a Chitika Ad Network study.

And, is there any point of a website with good design and relevant content, if no one is ever going to find it in the flood of search results?

Abhishek Mohanty
Abhishek Mohanty
December 26, 2019

How Phone Calls Are Important For Your Lead Generation

We're nearing 2020. Marketing and sales methodologies are changing rapidly due to the massive technological evolution. It's high time for the salespeople to change their way of approaching prospects.  As a sales representative, you might have used cold calling tactics to see whether your business can serve the needs of prospective customers.

Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson
December 19, 2019

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