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CallPage vs. Novocall — Which Tool Should You Choose?

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This article was updated in July of 2023.

Getting in touch quickly with people who visit your website can really help your sales. That's where callback widgets come in. But they're not just for calling people back. They help your sales team talk to potential customers at the right time.

When exploring callback widgets, two names likely come to mind: Novocall and CallPage. Novocall, based in Singapore, is designed as a cloud-based phone system for small businesses. Meanwhile, CallPage from Poland brands itself as the top choice for increasing sales calls and leads from your website. But is it really the best?

This article aims to clarify things. We'll delve into a comparison of Novocall and CallPage, examining their features, data usage, integration capabilities, customization options, and pricing. By the end, we'll see which one truly stands out.


CallPage is slightly cheaper, and some of its features are more advanced than Novocall. It can work as a virtual PBX system and has an integrated meeting scheduler as well as call transcriptions, which differentiates it from its rival.

Novocall, on the other hand, incorporates live chat and outbound cold-calling tools. Its meeting scheduler seems to be a separate product you have to pay for extra.

What Is CallPage?

CallPage is a lead generation solution primarily catering to SMBs.

Designed for ease of use and effectiveness, CallPage's pop-up widget proactively engages website visitors and encourages them to contact the company. This empowers SMBs to capture leads, facilitate quick interactions, and streamline communication processes.

With a strong focus on lead generation and customer engagement, CallPage is a valuable solution for SMBs looking to boost their sales and overall revenue potential.

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What Is Novocall?

Similar to CallPage, Novocall is a cloud-based software company that specializes in call automation and customer communication solutions.

The platform provides tools that enable businesses to schedule and automate phone calls with their leads and customers, aiming to enhance lead conversion and streamline communication processes. Novocall's features include things like call scheduling, callback automation, lead tracking, and analytics to help businesses improve their sales and customer support efforts.

Main similarities

While both tools have their differences (which we’ll go into greater detail below), there’s also a lot that they have in common.

As already mentioned, both CallPage and Novocall focus on supporting businesses in generating more leads through call automation. They help companies convert their website traffic into leads by displaying a pop-up window that encourages website visitors to contact the company.

Both pop-ups provide three options for contact:

  • request instant callback
  • schedule a call for later
  • leave a message

Both platforms have features like call routing, call scheduling, call tracking, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems. They also allow for call recording and provide simple analytics. Finally, CallPage and Novocall both offer a number of integration options (native and Zapier-based).

Now, let’s take a look at the specific functionalities of these tools and how they differ. 


Both tools have a whole range of features to help connect leads from your site with someone from your sales team, so it’s hard to draw attention to all of them. 

But obviously, each tool has some features that the other doesn’t. 

Novocall has a great option for people who might not want to (or be able to) talk on the phone. Or those who simply prefer online chats. That’s where NovoChat comes in handy. CallPage, on the other hand, allows website visitors to leave a message, but not in the form of a live chat.

A feature that both tools share but is arguably more useful at CallPage is the appointment scheduler. Both tools have it, but this is almost a separate product within Novocall. With Callpage, meeting scheduling is part of the standard tool and is the fourth contact option in the pop-up widget.

Another difference lies in call management. Novocall includes an outbound dialer feature, allowing for making cold calls. CallPage focuses entirely on inbound calls.

Lastly, CallPage offers virtual PBX capabilities, a feature not available in Novocall. This adds another layer of versatility to CallPage’s suite of tools.

Personalization Options

You’ve probably spent a lot of time creating the branding, aesthetics, and overall feel of your business. You’ve more than likely spent just as much time and effort making that feel come through on your website. 

If you’re going to use a callback pop-up widget, it must stand out and be seen on your site, but it should also reflect the branding of your business and live in the same design system. 

That’s why the personalization options of CallPage and Novocall are important. 

Novocall personalization 

First of all, Novocall allows you to personalize when the widget is displayed, thanks to its Smart Triggers feature. It allows you to pick the specific type of action that triggers the Novocall pop-up on your website.

This targeted approach ensures maximum engagement and enhances the potential for meaningful customer interactions. Triggers can include things like:

  • scroll percentage
  • time-based
  • CSS element interaction
  • exit intent

Novocall's widget can be personalized in terms of visuals, too. You can change the appearance, logo, and positioning to make it blend with your site to some degree.

CallPage personalization

CallPage uses a scoring system to determine the optimal timing for displaying pop-ups. It assigns points based on user actions, such as scrolling, exit attempts, and time spent on the site.

When the points add up to a certain level, the pop-up will appear on the screen. This method makes sure that the pop-ups show up at the right time, making users more interested and increasing the number of people who take action on the website, which helps the website perform better overall.

This scoring rule system is a bit more advanced than Novocall's Smart Triggers and offers more options to target your website visitors with the pop-up.

CallPage’s personalization options, in terms of visual personalization, are almost endless. Besides the basics, like changing the color, you can freely customize the widget through CSS.


Price plays a massive role in determining which tool is best for you. What are the differences?

In Novocall, call costs might not be included in the package. CallPage, on the other hand, gives you a number of calls to use each month as part of the package. And only successful calls count.

Let's have a closer look at both.

Novocall pricing

Novocall has three plans available, including a free trial. You can either pay monthly or annually.

If you'd like to make monthly payments, the prices are as follows:

  • Pro: $49 per month
  • Team: $149 per month
  • Business: $349 per month

Besides that, the pricing is a bit confusing. On their website, Novocall states that call credits are not included in the plans and can be purchased separately. But just below that information, we found a plan comparison that suggested each option has a number of automated calls included.

CallPage pricing

Callpage has two main plans for the moment. If you compare them side-by-side to Novocall's pricing options, you'll realize CallPage is simply more affordable. Here's the pricing for monthly billing plans:

  • Essentials: $39 per month
  • Pro: $99 per month

Callpage’s pricing plans vary quite a bit. Essentials is aimed at smaller teams aiming to generate more leads. If you want to really scale up your business and use all the advanced features (like custom SMS follow-ups, unlimited integrations, and all the scoring rules), you'll have to opt for the Pro plan.

Each plan has a limit on successful calls, with options to upgrade or buy extra credits once the limit is reached. Additional purchases for virtual numbers, call operator seats, and user and domain licenses are also available.


By nature, these two callback tools work best when they can integrate with other tools that your business relies on. However, CallPage and Novocall integrate differently, depending on both price points and the tools you want to integrate with. 

Novocall integrations 

Novocall provides integrations with popular digital business tools, allowing you to streamline your operations. These integrations include options like communication platforms (Slack, Flock, Microsoft Teams), analytics (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel), and more. Additionally, Novocall offers API integration for further customization.

Some integrations, such as Hubspot, Salesforce, and Webhooks, may not be available on the cheapest Novocall plan.

Callpage integrations 

CallPage offers native integrations with well-known CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, GTM, PrestaShop, ClickFunnels, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla.

Furthermore, CallPage can be seamlessly connected with tools like Google Analytics, LiveChat, Slack, Pipedrive, Hubspot, GetResponse, and more for a total of 20+ native integration options. API integrations are also available.

Do keep in mind that the number of integrations is limited on the Essentials plan.


The power of growing your business stems from data. Correct analysis of that data helps you make the best decisions moving forward. When it comes to CallPage and Novocall, the way they collect data is mostly similar.

Both CallPage and Novocall have an admin panel where you can check the messages, data about calls, lead details, and more. Plus, you have the option to view it either for your whole team or for individual team members. For managers, there's an option to export complete sales reports for monthly or quarterly reporting.

Their full call recording feature is a real asset! It lets you go back and analyze sales techniques and performance whenever you need to. CallPage offers a call transcription feature on top of that. We couldn't find mentions of a similar option in Novocall.

Novocall integrates with Google Analytics. And so does CallPage. So you can track the sources of your incoming calls with both tools. It's super handy for figuring out which marketing efforts are paying off!


There’s a fine line that separates these two tools, but there’s no doubt a line. Both tools have a lot of similarities and are generally useful, but they differ in some key aspects. It all comes down to what is more important for you.

Why CallPage might be a better choice:

  • more affordable and better value for money
  • meeting scheduler integrated into its widget and included in the price
  • more advanced pop-up triggers
  • virtual PBX features
  • automatic call transcription

What's better about Novocall:

  • live chat feature, which CallPage lacks
  • suitable also for handling outbound calls (cold calling)


CallPage is the more affordable solution, which will be the deciding factor for some. However, if you need a live chat feature with your callback tool and don't mind paying more, you might want to consider Novocall.

But there's a third option. Why don't you just test both tools and make a decision based on your own experience?

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