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What Is Click-to-Call Software? Check Our Ultimate Guide!

This article explains what click-to-call software is, how it works, and what business benefits it brings to the table.

Ksawery Cepeniuk

One common problem that business owners and managers often face is the challenge of effectively capturing and converting website traffic into actual leads or sales. Many potential customers visit a company's website and browse through products or services but hesitate or abandon the purchase due to difficulties in finding the right information or connecting with a representative.

The problem arises from the limitations of traditional contact methods, such as email forms or static phone numbers, which require customers to take additional steps to initiate communication. This can lead to missed opportunities and frustrated prospects who seek immediate assistance or clarification.

Fortunately, we've got an answer to this and many more challenges — click-to-call. In this article, we will explore the concept of click-to-call software and its benefits and talk about its practical applications.

What Is Click-To-Call?

Click-to-call technology allows users to initiate a phone call directly from a webpage or application by simply clicking on a designated button or link. It eliminates the hassle of manual dialing, making it convenient for customers to connect with businesses instantly.

What Is Click-To-Call Software?

Click-to-call is a popular feature that simplifies customer communication. Users can initiate phone calls by clicking a link or button. The "call link" works perfectly if the user views your website using mobile devices. However, a simple click-to-call button can be much less practical for desktop viewers. Here is where a click-to-call widget comes in handy.

Click-to-call software simplifies phone communication by allowing users to initiate calls easily. The user provides his phone number and orders a call. The software then tries to connect the user with the available consultant on the business side.

CallPage's click-to-call software

This functionality has revolutionized inbound calls, improving efficiency. It's often integrated into the VoIP phone system, allowing seamless connectivity and call tracking. Businesses can analyze call data to optimize the customer support team and sales team. Customer service agents benefit from instant connections, enhancing the support experience. Sales teams can easily engage with prospects, increasing sales performance. Click-to-call transforms customer communication, providing convenience, efficiency, and improved connectivity.

What Makes a Click-To-Call App So Useful?

Picture this: A customer visits your website interested in your products or services. Instead of struggling to find a phone number or filling out a contact form, they see a clickable button that says "Call Now." With a single click, they are instantly connected to a representative who can provide personalized assistance, answer questions, and guide them through the purchasing process.

Click-to-call software simplifies communication and amplifies results for your business. It eliminates barriers, reduces customer frustration, and increases the chances of converting leads into sales. By offering immediate and seamless communication, you can deliver exceptional customer service and stand out from the competition.

What if Someone Wants To Call Outside of Business Hours?

Many click-to-call systems, including CallPage, not only enable real-time communication with consultants but also offer the convenient option to schedule phone calls for when your consultants are back online and available. This simple but powerful feature ensures that no customer inquiry or opportunity goes unanswered.

Here's how it works: When a customer reaches out, and your consultants are offline, CallPage allows them to book a phone call for a later time when your team is working. This smart scheduling system takes into account the availability of your employees and aligns it with the customer's preferred time slot.

But that's not all. CallPage goes the extra mile by sending SMS reminders to both the customer and the consultant, ensuring they are prepared and ready for the scheduled call. This eliminates the possibility of missed appointments and helps maintain a high level of professionalism and reliability.

When the scheduled time arrives, CallPage automatically connects the customer and your representative, streamlining the entire process. The seamless connection ensures that customers receive the assistance they need at the appointed time, enhancing their satisfaction and trust.

Advantages of Click-To-Call Software From a Business Standpoint

Increased lead conversion

Click-to-call software provides a direct and immediate connection with potential customers, increasing the chances of converting leads into sales. By eliminating the need for manual dialing or form submissions, customers are more likely to engage in real-time conversations and receive the information or assistance they need to make a purchasing decision.

And here's something to consider — according to statistics, reducing the lead response time to one minute can increase sales by up to 391%! What's more, only 7% of companies respond within five minutes (source: Drift). Why not make this your competitive advantage?

Enhanced customer experience

With click-to-call, businesses can offer a seamless and convenient communication channel for customers. By eliminating the frustration of searching for contact information or waiting for email responses, businesses can provide instant support, address customer inquiries promptly, and deliver personalized assistance. This enhances the overall customer experience and builds positive brand perception. And that can easily turn into returning loyal buyers.

Improved sales and revenue

By simplifying communication and providing immediate assistance, click-to-call software helps businesses close deals faster. Real-time conversations allow sales representatives to address customer concerns, overcome objections, and guide prospects through the sales process effectively. This streamlined communication leads to increased sales and revenue generation.

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Increased efficiency

Click-to-call software optimizes the efficiency of your sales or support team. Instead of manually dialing numbers or waiting for customers to submit contact forms, representatives can directly engage with potential customers in real time. This reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and increases productivity, allowing your team to handle more inquiries and provide a higher level of service.

Analytics and insights

Most click-to-call solutions provide analytics and reporting features that offer valuable insights into customer behavior and call performance. You can track metrics (such as call duration and call volume), record calls, and more. These insights help you understand customer preferences, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your communication strategies.

Moreover, click-to-call software often integrates with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This integration lets you capture and store valuable information about customer interactions, call recordings, and call outcomes within your CRM. Having a centralized database of customer interactions enables better lead management, personalized follow-ups, and improved customer relationship management.

Cost savings

Click-to-call software can be a cost-effective communication solution for businesses. It eliminates the need for dedicated phone lines or additional hardware, as it utilizes existing internet connections. Additionally, by streamlining communication and improving lead conversion rates, businesses can reduce customer acquisition costs and increase the return on investment (ROI) from their marketing efforts.

How a Click-To-Call Feature Works From a Technical Point of View

From a technical point of view, click-to-call software involves a combination of web technology and telephony systems to enable the seamless initiation of phone calls directly from a webpage or application.

Here's a general overview of how click-to-call works:

1. User interaction: A user visits a webpage or application and encounters a clickable button or link labeled "Call Now" or a similar call-to-action. For example, CallPage displays a pop-up window based on preset conditions, like when the user wants to exit the web page.

2. User clicks: When the customer clicks the button or link, an event is triggered, usually using JavaScript or similar scripting languages, to initiate the click-to-call process.

3. Processing: The server hosting the website or application receives the click-to-call request. It retrieves the necessary information, such as the dialed phone number or extension, and prepares to initiate the call.

4. Telephony integration: The server interfaces with a telephony system or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service provider to establish a connection between the user's device and the designated phone number.

5. Call routing: The telephony system routes the call to the specified phone number, which can be a landline, mobile phone, or even a computer-based softphone.

6. Call initiation: The system initiates the phone call by dialing the specified number or extension. The user's and consultant's devices start ringing. They can ring at the same time, or you can set them first to call one party and then connect them to the other.

7. Real-time communication: The user and the called party can engage in a real-time conversation, providing an opportunity for customer support, sales inquiries, or any other type of interaction. All of this takes just 28 seconds with CallPage!

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Why Try Out CallPage?

CallPage's platform is a comprehensive solution that goes beyond just click to call. It's more than a "Call Now" button on your website. You can also let customers schedule a call for later or leave messages when your team is busy. That way, you never miss an opportunity to connect with potential customers!

Another thing you might like about CallPage is our analytics feature. You can track important metrics like call duration and record calls. This gives you valuable insights into customer behavior and helps you make data-driven decisions to improve your communication strategies.

Collect all leads with CallPage

And guess what? CallPage also offers automation capabilities. You can set up automated SMS reminders for scheduled calls, ensuring that both you and your customers are well-prepared. It saves you time and makes the whole process more efficient.

So, if you're looking for a way to simplify your communication, improve customer experience, and boost your conversion rates, we highly recommend giving CallPage a try. It's a powerful tool that can really make a difference in your business.

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