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Best Content Elevates One's Thinking: Interview with Ben Settle



Ben Settle is a world leader in email copywriting education. He has published several books about copywriting and marketing, such as Crypto Copywriting Secrets, Copywriter's Crib Sheet, How to Get Clients in a Bad Economy. He has been writing for 14 years and created countless successful email and marketing campaigns. Ben is, as David Garfinkel, the World's Greatest Copywriting Cach put it, "hottest f*'in email copywriter on the web right now."

Magda Wąsowicz
Magda Wąsowicz
November 7, 2016

How To Use Phone Tracking To Seal The Deal

So you are interested in call tracking.

Great news for you!


Next you are about to learn more about call tracking and how to use call intelligence!


Follow me.

Romeo Man
Romeo Man
October 24, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About CallPage Scoring System [23 Actions]

CallPage scoring system tracks people who visit your website and thus helps to detect potential customers.

When a person who visits your website performs actions predefined in CallPage scoring system, he receives a certain number of points.

12 Ways To Increase The Number of Calls from Potential Customers

In some companies, the number of incoming calls from potential customers translates proportionately into the number of acquired customers and revenues generated by the company.

Here at CallPage, every day we reflect on the question of how to get more potential customers by phone.

Therefore, we share a few of our tried and tested tips.

Sergey Butko
Sergey Butko
April 21, 2016

7 CallPage Functions That Are Most Useful To Capture Leads

If you are not already using CallPage, you will love to have these features on your website!

Sergey Butko
Sergey Butko
April 14, 2016

9 Key Performance Indicators in Internet Marketing That You Should Know About

Properly designated key performance indicators (KPIs) have a significant impact on the company’s results.

They provide knowledge on how to operate certain elements of the strategy and help to make business decisions.

How to Make a Good Impression on Your Potential Customers Before They Start Talking to You - Examples

You can put a lot of effort into your customer service, but what matters most is an excellent first impression.

Sometimes all that is needed is a small action which can pleasantly surprise people who visit your website.

10 Website Errors That Is Hurting Your Business

Every company can generate leads via a website. However, its potential depends on a number of key issues. Sometimes it is not enough to apply all the good practices. You need to know as well what you should not do. Meet the most serious errors, for which the company B2B lose time, money and customers.

Sergey Butko
Sergey Butko
March 30, 2016

YES! Customers Service Is The New Marketing

It is estimated that the average value of each lost customer in Poland amounts to 145 euros per year, and losses resulting from lost profits of companies in Poland are nearly $18 billion a year. Research shows that the Achilles heel of many companies is the low quality of customer service.

Sergey Butko
Sergey Butko
March 20, 2016

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