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Google’s Policies on Pop-Up Ads, and the Shift in Online Marketing

Recently, Google announced a policy update regarding pop-ups, which will help mobile users to access and read their content more easily. In short, intrusive, full-screen and obstructing pop-ups will detract from a website’s Google Search ranking.

Cold Calling: 6 Myths You Always Believed in But You Shouldn’t Any Longer

Cold calling is like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it, but to be successful with it you need to try it a bit more.

For many people cold calling is the worst way of gaining new leads and delivering excellent results, but mainly because they don’t know the crisp cold calling practices and they still believe in things that don’t apply to reality.

And the reality is

Are You Ready for Online Sales Sprint? Take Part in Free Webinars!

Online Sales Sprint awaits you!

Are you ready for a very special run? Well, if you work in the field of marketing, you know it is a constant one, and sometimes you need to chase up others - or overtake them. Get ready for our Online Sales Sprint… and run faster than your competitors.

CallPage: An Infallible Method To Increase Your Conversion Rate

The aim of most websites and online stores is to convert, that is - encourage customers to buy, add products to a basket, register for an event, etc.

There are many different conversion events, but they have one thing in common.


We all want them to happen.

Sergey Butko
Sergey Butko
February 1, 2017

Have a Unique Voice in the World: Interview with Jeff Sauer (Jeffalytics)

Jeff Sauer is a born problem solver. He created his first website when he was in the 8th grade. He became a full-time Internet marketer in 2005, and since then he has helped his company Three Deep Marketing to grow by 500%.

Magda Wąsowicz
Magda Wąsowicz
January 19, 2017

Customers Are People, Not Just Data Points: Interview with Jennifer Havice [MAKE MENTION]


Jennifer Havice is conversion optimizer and copywriter for a subscription business. Over the past several years she has been helping businesses get better performing websites and marketing campaigns with higher converting online copy. Jennifer has been working for some of the best in business, including Peep Laja of Conversion XL and Joanna Wiebe of CopyHackers. She believes that a blend of science and creativity can make copywriting magic. If you want to learn more, check out Jen's website - or read our interview below!

Magda Wąsowicz
Magda Wąsowicz
December 29, 2016

Customer Service is Both Art and Science: Interview with Daniel Lemin (Convince & Convert)


Daniel Lemin leads consulting work for corporate and agency clients at Convince & Convert. He is the author of Manipurated, and is a frequently quoted authority on the reputation industry by major U.S. and international media.

Daniel has an almost superhuman immunity to jet lag and is known to take midday swims to hit his personal reset button. An early Google hire (rumors are he was no. 400), Daniel was one of the first pioneers to recognize the influence of online ratings and reviews on businesses.

Magda Wąsowicz
Magda Wąsowicz
December 15, 2016

Focus Solves Unsolved Problems: Interview with Brian Balfour [Reforge]

Brian Balfour is an entrepreneur, speaker, advisor, and the Founder/CEO at ReforgeHe has been a co-founder of 4 companies in the past 10 years. Now he is focused on finding the next company he wants to build, and in the meantime he is advising a few select companies on growth. His essays on growth and user acquisition have been featured in Forbes, Hacker Monthly, and OnStartups. He also writes on his popular blog Coelevate. He lives in San Francisco, but often visits LA, Chicago, Boston, and Michigan to spend time with friends and other entrepreneurs.

Magda Wąsowicz
Magda Wąsowicz
December 8, 2016

It's a Golden Age! Interview With Brian Massey [Conversion Sciences]

Brian Massey calls himself a Conversion Scientist™ (he has the lab coat to prove it!). In 2007 he founded website optimization company Conversion Sciences. He is the author of the Amazon Marketing best-seller Your Customer Creation Equation: Unexpected Website Formulas of The Conversion Scientist. He believes that website optimization is the art and science of finding more online revenue without paying for more traffic. Brian appears in his trademark lab coat when speaking to corporations, universities, and conference attendees around the world.He authors The Conversion Scientist blog, and has written for ClickZ.com, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and the Content Marketing Institute. He lives and works in Austin, Texas where life and the Internet are hopelessly entwined.

Magda Wąsowicz
Magda Wąsowicz
November 28, 2016

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