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12 Ways To Increase The Number of Calls from Potential Customers

Here at CallPage, the quest to engage more potential customers via phone is a daily endeavor. We've put together some of our proven tips to help ramp up the calls to your business, blending customer service with savvy sales techniques.

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An efficiently operating customer service department creates a positive image of the brand and builds strong customer loyalty.

What’s more, customers may call you with questions regarding your offers. All conversations connected to complaints, queries, or just clients’ comments can be managed in such a way that they end up in sales.

Do you want to persuade the customer to buy? You have to know the tricks. And we've prepared some of the best ones for you! So, read on if you've ever asked yourself, “How can I get more calls for my website?”

1. Add a phone number on your website in a prominent place.

It's essential that your website visitors are able to easily find a contact phone number. This small but essential tweak will help you increase the number of calls from potential customers.

2. Make the phone number on the website hyperlinked.

This is a vital element if you want to get more phone calls from your website. Especially if a potential customer visits your website using their mobile phone. How to get calls any other way than by making it simpler to reach out to your reps over the phone? 

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3. Add your company’s phone number to your Facebook profile.

You will definitely get more phone calls and more contact numbers from people interested in your offering if you place a phone number for your company in ads displayed in the Facebook advertising network.

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4. Optimize for local SEO.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can significantly impact your business's visibility in local search results. Ensure your company’s phone number is listed in local directories and on Google My Business. When local customers find you online, having a phone number readily available can lead to increased calls.

5. Utilize call ads in your PPC campaigns.

Click-to-call ads are a great way to drive more calls to your business. These ads display a phone icon that mobile users can click to call you directly. By implementing this approach, you provide a straightforward way for potential customers to connect with you, thus potentially increasing the number of calls you receive.

Alternatively, you can use a tool like CallPage and integrate it with Facebook Lead Ads to automatically connect with a customer whenever they leave their contact data on the platform.

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6. Collect phone numbers from potential customers after working hours.

It is not a secret that most people are looking for something on the Internet in the evenings when companies are already closed and do not receive calls.

How to get more calls for your business and collect hot leads even after business hours?

CallPage is an excellent solution to this challenge. Our tool enables you to collect phone numbers of potential customers visiting your website by offering them contact in the next working day. Place a CallPage click to call software, and you will see the increasing number of calls coming to different departments of your organization.

7. Place the phone number as an alternative next to the contact form.

Many users still prefer filling out contact forms as a way to reach out to a company. However, if you are wondering how to increase the number of customers, the solution tip is a pretty important one to implement — you will get more phone calls from potential buyers and get more contact numbers if you place a contact number next to the contact form on your website.

8. Add a phone number on a banner in retargeting ads.

If a potential client has already visited your website and is familiar with your offering, they are more likely to try to get in touch with your company.

How to get customers to call you? A banner with a contact number and call-to-action may help.

9. Turn bounce rate into telephone leads through exit pop-ups.

Exit Popups allow showing messages to customers in the window if they intend to leave the page.

Customers who use CallPage trigger a popup message displayed to clients when they are just about to leave the page. It then enables businesses using our widget to get more phone calls from potential customers and get more contact numbers.

CallPage pop-up EN

10. Add a phone number in the footer of emails sent by employees of your company.

Let's say you run a software development company. If you are looking for ways on how to get more calls to your business, there's another thing you should do.

Include as many contact details as possible in your email footer, like a phone number for your customer service and sales outreach. You can also use a QR Code Generator to create branded QR Codes that allow users to scan the QR Code and automatically call you.

11. Use a powerful call-to-action to get more phone calls.

If you are still wondering how to increase the number of customers, follow our example. We did it this way at CallPage – when the user enters the website, we display the following message:

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12. Add a phone number on the website and thank you page after conversion.

If a user subscribed to your newsletter, downloaded an e-book, or completed a form on a landing page, there's a chance that they are interested in getting in touch with your company. Make it easier for them - place a phone call on each piece of content or landing page that is displayed to a user after they take a certain action.

It will increase the number of calls you receive.

Never ask “How to get more calls for my business?” again!

Creating a first positive impression is vital when aiming to boost the volume of incoming calls and leads. Your potential clients won't appreciate being kept on hold for long or having to call multiple times due to no answer.

Implementing these 12 tips can be a game changer in elevating the call numbers to your business and, thereby, stepping up your deal-closing game! So, no more pondering over "How to get more calls for my business?" It's time to take action and see your call numbers soar!

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