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Seal More Deals With the Best Click-To-Call Software

Click-to-call widget is a popular feature that simplifies customer communication. By pressing the so-called click-to-talk button on a web page or pop-up window (widget), users initiate a phone call directly from your website or application.

Join the club! More than 1500 companies are already generating leads with CallPage. 

How does click to call work?

  • CallPage encourages visitors to request a call in real-time
  • Website visitors type their phone numbers in the pop-up
  • CallPage connects your user with the first available consultant
  • Your anonymous visitor turns into a new happy customer

Install Click-To-Call Technology on Your Websites

Every website visitor is a potential sale. Impress your site visitors with free, instant callbacks. More than just click to dial.

  • Better conversion rates = more sales

Enable click-to-call technology on your web page and allow your users to order an immediate call back from a sales rep or customer service agent of your company with just one click. Receive more valuable phone calls from your potential customers and direct them to your sales team. Automatically log calls and record all conversations ordered with CallPage.

  • Improved customer experience

Don't make your website visitors manually dial the phone number and then wait for your team to pick up. With click-to-call, CallPage connects your customers to the first available consultant automatically and in no time. Reduce your response time to just 28 seconds! Our click-to-call button works great both on desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a smooth CX across all platforms.


  • Personalization equates to higher conversion rates

We believe pop-ups should be appealing and simple, so that’s what we created. Personalize the click-to-call button and window with your captions, colors, background, and logo to keep the brand experience. For further customization, use CSS.

  • Capture leads 24/7

CallPage collects leads for you around the clock. Your site visitors can schedule a call for a selected date or request a callback during your office working hours. Group your consultants based on location, time zone, and more.

Send Personalized Follow-Ups

With CallPage, you can send automatic SMS follow-ups after every call and before a pre-ordered call. You can freely edit the SMS content and sender ID to make yourself memorable to your customers and consumers.

Collect Leads on Any Device

Desktop, mobile, or tablet — your web page can be accessed in various formats. Regardless of the browser or device, CallPage's click-to-call software adapts to the format and fulfills the same role. Collect phone calls with a click-to-call widget adjusted for mobile devices. Use our basic form or adjust it with customized fields.

Access to All Calls and Numbers

Inside the CallPage panel, you have access to all leads, successful calls, and the contact data of both. Managers can view and assess the performance of sales teams, individuals, branches, or other groups to see how they’ve impacted your bottom line.

Integrate Click to Call Software With Your Favorite Tools

We offer a range of native integrations that ensure stable and customized data transfer between systems. And with Zapier, you can connect CallPage to over 5,000 different tools. Make your teams' work seamless.

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  • Most popular features

    Check out some of our customer's favorite features:

  • Retry failed calls

    Set up a callback to the visitor if the initial call goes unanswered.

  • Holidays and breaks

    Set a time when your customer support team is out of the office.

  • Automate AI-scoring rules:

    Decide when and where CallPage will display your pop-up.

  • Call queuing

    Keep customers on the line when your consultants are busy.

  • Call recording

    Record conversations with visitors for further listening and analysis.

  • Security

    Block numbers or countries you don’t want to receive calls from.

  • Caller ID

    Connect your phone number to allow your callers to identify the company.

  • Statistics and leads:

    Get access to call statistics and all collected phone numbers.

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