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Google’s Policies on Pop-Up Ads, and the Shift in Online Marketing

Recently, Google announced a policy update regarding pop-ups, which will help mobile users to access and read their content more easily. In short, intrusive, full-screen and obstructing pop-ups will detract from a website’s Google Search ranking.

Author:  Krzysztof Nicpon   •   July 10, 2017
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Cold Calling: 6 Myths You Always Believed in But You Shouldn’t Any Longer

Cold calling is like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it, but to be successful with it you need to try it a bit more.

For many people cold calling is the worst way of gaining new leads and delivering excellent results, but mainly because they don’t know the crisp cold calling practices and they still believe in things that don’t apply to reality.

And the reality is

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   July 6, 2017
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Are You Ready for Online Sales Sprint? Take Part in Free Webinars!

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   June 27, 2017
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CallPage: An Infallible Method To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   February 1, 2017
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Have a Unique Voice in the World: Interview with Jeff Sauer (Jeffalytics)

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   January 19, 2017
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Customers Are People, Not Just Data Points: Interview with Jennifer Havice [MAKE MENTION]

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   December 29, 2016
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Customer Service is Both Art and Science: Interview with Daniel Lemin (Convince & Convert)

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   December 15, 2016
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Focus Solves Unsolved Problems: Interview with Brian Balfour [Reforge]

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   December 8, 2016
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It's a Golden Age! Interview With Brian Massey [Conversion Sciences]

Author:  Magda Wąsowicz   •   November 28, 2016
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