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5 Underrated Growth Hacking Tools: A Quick Review

Discover five underrated growth hacking tools in our latest blog. Learn how they can streamline your marketing efforts and boost your business growth.

Mimi H.

Growth hacking, a term you might have heard before in business circles, refers to a strategy focused on rapid business expansion. Startups and dynamic companies commonly adopt it. It combines elements of marketing, development, and data analytics, all with the goal of swiftly expanding the customer base and market presence.

This approach differs from traditional marketing techniques, as it uses inventive, cost-effective methods to spur growth.

In today's blog, we want to shift the lens to some less-known tools in growth hacking. Beyond the popular choices such as Google Analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and social media platforms, there's a range of under-the-radar tools that can greatly enhance growth initiatives.

No matter if you're a growth marketer or a member of a sales team, these tools can help you create automated workflows, automate lead generation, and enhance your overall marketing strategy. It makes them great growth hacking tools for any business that is trying to achieve rapid expansion.

What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a strategy that is adopted by businesses, particularly startups and tech firms, to accelerate growth. This method revolves around identifying and implementing efficient, inventive, and cost-friendly tactics to expand a company's customer base and market reach.

This strategy differs from traditional marketing by emphasizing swift and inventive tests in marketing and product development to discover the most effective growth tactics.

In the current dynamic business world, the relevance of growth hacking is on the rise. Newer companies, which often have to work with limited resources, are looking for potent methods for rapid expansion. They also — understandably — want to distinguish themselves in competitive markets.

Growth hacking enables these businesses to try out different approaches and figure out which ones yield the best results without heavy investment.

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What Are Growth Hacking Tools?

So, what role do growth hacking tools play? How do they help you grow and expand your business?

Growth hacking tools are vital in the process of scaling and improving your business. Why? They streamline tasks, offer critical insights, and enhance the implementation of growth strategies.

To talk numbers, 88% of marketers are using or planning on using AI marketing tools to optimize their processes, which shows us the increasing reliance on data-driven tools.

Growth hackers use these tools in various marketing efforts, such as optimizing landing pages, managing social media posts, and enhancing customer relationship management. The use of these marketing tools helps in achieving conversion rate optimization, automating repetitive tasks, and effectively engaging with potential customers on social media platforms.

Now, let's get into the five best underrated growth hacking tools that can help you level up your business.

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Tool #1: Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg website heatmap tool

Image source: Crazy Egg

Let's start with a growth hacking tool that stands out due to its funny name: CrazyEgg. Crazy Egg is a comprehensive growth hacking tool that is designed for website optimization. Its objective is to shed light on visitor interactions with websites.

So, what does Crazy Egg offer? Key features include heatmaps, showing where site visitors click and scroll, and session recordings, which capture live user behavior. Additionally, it offers A/B testing to help site owners identify effective elements and areas needing refinement.

Gaining insights into website interactions

What's great about the tool is that CrazyEgg excels in illustrating how website visitors interact with a website. By using heatmaps and session recordings, it offers a transparent view of user engagement.

This information is vital for pinpointing engaging content and improving areas like site layout and navigation. Crazy Egg helps identify the most impactful calls to action, enhancing the overall user experience.

Feedback from users

Crazy Egg is one of the most beloved growth hacking tools, according to reviews. It has received positive feedback for its user-friendliness, customer support, and value. Users have praised its intuitive nature and the depth of insights — particularly for improving user behavior understanding and conversion rate optimization.

As one digital marketer mentioned, "With every new client we bring on, we recommend Crazy Egg... it's consistently helpful in using user data to recommend site changes that boost conversion rates."

Yet, it's also noted that some users have expressed concerns about billing practices and limited support for mobile devices. Despite these points, the general feedback highlights Crazy Egg's effectiveness in optimizing websites and contributing to business growth.

Tool #2: Mixpanel

Mixpanel analysis dashboard

Image source: Mixpanel

Now, let's talk about another awesome (yet underrated) growth hacking tool: Mixpanel.

Mixpanel offers deep analytics services for businesses that want to understand customer interactions with their products thoroughly. It's recognized for its detailed analysis of user behavior and monitoring of vital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as churn and retention rates.

Mixpanel supports businesses in understanding the multifaceted customer journey. This is very helpful for any business that wants to get a look inside the customer's mind and decisions.

Serving a diverse range of industries, Mixpanel is entrusted by over 7,000 companies globally. It provides instantaneous data for prompt and informed decision-making.

Tracking and analyzing customer journeys

What makes this tool so special? Mixpanel stands out from other growth hacking tools through its capacity to help track and analyze customer journeys and funnel performances. It enables businesses to gain insight not only into user actions but also the reasons behind these actions.

Through comprehensive insights on user engagement, conversion, and retention, Mixpanel assists companies in refining their strategies to improve the user experience.

This level of detailed analysis is essential for spotting areas of improvement and fostering business growth. It's a great tool for anyone who really wants to know what works and what doesn't.

Feedback from users

User feedback for Mixpanel is mostly positive, with high ratings for its ease of use and customer service. Many users commend its detailed product analytics and the clarity it offers in understanding user behavior.

One user from a mid-sized enterprise points out, "Mixpanel excels as a reliable platform for tracking Product Activity and Funnel Insights. This goes to show how useful this tool is in providing practical insights.

Some users, however, have indicated that there's a steep learning curve initially and suggested enhancements in dashboard usability.

Despite these remarks, the general consensus among users is that Mixpanel's in-depth data analysis capabilities are an indispensable resource for businesses that want to gain a profound understanding of their customers. Try this tool if you want to evolve your product based on solid, actionable data.

Tool #3: Leadpages

Leadpages - code-free websites banner

Image source: Leadpages

When talking about the best growth hacking tools, we can't forget about Leadpages. Leadpages is a valuable marketing tool for businesses who want to amplify their online footprint via efficient lead generation.

This great growth hacking tool focuses on crafting landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars that are primed for high conversion rates. It offers more than 250 templates, each optimized for conversion.

What makes this growth hacking tool so useful? Leadpages simplifies the creation of compelling web pages by eliminating the need for in-depth coding skills.

Its straightforward drag-and-drop interface and AI-assisted content creation ensure a hassle-free experience. This makes it suitable for businesses of various scales — big or small.

Making a great first impression

Leadpages shines in its ability to facilitate the easy construction of landing pages and lead capture forms. It's tailored for ease of use. How so? The platform enables users, regardless of their technical background, to design attractive and functional pages.

The emphasis on conversion rate optimization is evident in the design of its templates, which consistently perform three times better than the industry norm. This positions Leadpages as an efficient marketing automation tool for businesses that are focused on boosting their lead generation and sales.

Only 52% of companies test their landing pages for engagement and conversion potential. This shows us that there is a significant gap in the market and that Leadpages aims to address the opportunity for improvement.

By using this great tool that growth hackers love, you won't be missing out on any conversion potential. Make a good first impression by making sure your landing page is on point.

Feedback from users

Leadpages has received commendations for its straightforward design and the efficacy of its templates in driving conversions. A user representing a small business remarked, "Leadpages stands apart. It's incredibly supportive and abundant in resources, truly mastering the art of its use."

This view is shared by many who regard Leadpages as a dependable, user-friendly marketing platform for quick and stylish landing page creation.

However, some users have noted challenges in mastering certain aspects of the platform and a learning curve to leverage its capabilities fully. Despite these minor challenges, the general perception of Leadpages is that of a vital marketing tool for businesses who want to craft impactful landing pages and enhance their lead generation strategies.

If that sounds like you, give Leadpage a chance and see how this tool can improve your image.

Tool #4: Appcues

Appcues builder

Image source: Appcues

Number four on our list of the best growth hacking tools is Appcues. Appcues is an all-encompassing marketing automation platform that is aimed at refining user experiences on both web apps and mobile apps.

This platform is one of the best growth hacking tools for teams that are looking to swiftly craft and test engaging onboarding experiences, vital for enhancing product use. Appcues stands out by enabling the creation of personalized onboarding experiences and feature adoption that resonate with users.

The best part? All of this is possible while requiring minimal technical expertise.

Enhancing user onboarding and engagement

The platform shines in its ability to improve user onboarding and engagement. It simplifies the process of building in-app experiences that positively influence user behavior.

With Appcues, personalizing user experiences becomes a seamless process. It's easy to target the right audience with this tool. Its structure is also designed to support success and offers the necessary expertise and resources to achieve business objectives confidently.

Feedback from users

The effectiveness of Appcues is evident in its good user reviews. Real-world case studies further highlight its impact. For example, GetResponse observed a 60% increase in user activation after implementing new onboarding flows with Appcues.

Litmus, through multiple experiments with Appcues, achieved up to a 22-fold increase in feature adoption. Notably, Appointlet witnessed a 210% increase in their conversion rate within three months of using Appcues for onboarding.

However, some feedback indicates that there's some room for improvement when comparing Appcues with other growth hacking tools. Specifically, they are talking about certain flow functionalities and enhanced custom survey features. Even with these areas for enhancement, Appcues is widely recognized as a significant growth hacking tool for businesses focused on improving user onboarding, feature adoption, and overall engagement with their product.

Tool #5: CallPage

CallPage Widget Hero

We can't possibly end this article without talking about one of the best growth hacking tools to seriously increase sales contacts and conversion: CallPage.

CallPage is a solution for converting website visitors into tangible sales prospects. This marketing tool is amazing at turning a simple website visit into a direct sales call. This is how it establishes a quick connection between potential customers and sales teams.

Advantages of instant callback and smooth integration

What are the features and benefits of the tool? A notable feature of CallPage is its swift callback service, which connects visitors to sales personnel in approximately 28 seconds. This prompt response is essential for engaging visitors at their highest interest point. It greatly enhances chances for successful conversions.

Additionally, CallPage integrates effortlessly with existing systems, which includes customer relationship management platforms. This allows for easy adoption into any sales-focused setup.

Its adaptable pop-up widgets and effective lead-sorting mechanisms add to its utility. This makes the software a very versatile choice for sales enhancement.

Feedback from users

User testimonials and CallPage's performance metrics attest to its efficiency. Our platform has been praised for its user-friendly design and effectiveness in customer acquisition, with one user commenting, "CallPage significantly aids in attracting more customers."

For numerous businesses, it has been the key to increasing sales contacts by up to 120%.

The platform's analytics capabilities offer insights into the performance of sales representatives and the quality of calls, which empowers businesses to optimize their sales strategies in real time.

While there's obviously a bit of room for improvement, the overall user feedback is highly positive. Our tool's contribution to enhancing lead generation efforts and its substantial increase in scheduled meetings and lead captures (particularly outside standard business hours) are commonly cited as its strong points.

This is especially pertinent considering that 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact. This goes to show how important it is to provide multiple touchpoints with potential customers. CallPage facilitates this efficiently.

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Growth Hacking with the Right Tools

In our journey through the realm of great (yet underrated) growth hacking tools, we’ve identified five standout tools. Each of them brings a distinct edge to the growth hacking craft.

Crazy Egg delivers insightful heatmaps and analytics on user interactions, while Mixpanel offers in-depth insights into customer behaviors and funnel dynamics.

Leadpages provides a platform for crafting landing pages that convert, and Appcues enhances user engagement and onboarding experiences. Completing the set, CallPage transforms website browsing into potential sales dialogues.

As you start learning more and begin experimenting with growth hacking, these tools should be considered essential elements in your arsenal.

Staying up to date with new tools and technologies in digital marketing and growth hacking is essential to maintain a competitive edge.

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