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10 Phone Selling Techniques That Work. Grow your sales right now!

There is nothing quite as personal and as fast as a phone call, which is why customers still prefer to call, despite having other options such as social media or support chats. Customers prefer speaking to a live person as opposed to an automated program, and the instantaneous nature of phone calls also save customers from waiting for hours for an email. As phone calls are important to businesses and sales, phone call etiquette is just as important to businesses and their sales representatives. Losing a client on the telephone is easy, but how can businesses effectively gain clients through telephone sales? The answer is simpler than most people think. The following 10 tips will help any business improve their sales rate on the phone.

Author:  Brandon Wong   •   September 11, 2017
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Steli Efti [Close.io] - How to close deals on the phone [FREE WEBINAR + transcription]

The Online Sales Sprint is a series of live streamed webinars, in which the latest marketing practices are discussed and taught, all completely free of charge. Learn how to navigate marketing and sales in today's social media and data-driven climate, from success proven Entrepreneurs and Experts across the globe. 

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   September 7, 2017
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Trying To Grow Your Sales? You Should Know These Answers!

Have you had multiple questions regarding growing your sales, which thus far you’ve been afraid to (or had no one to) ask?

Author:  Callpage Team   •   September 5, 2017
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Digital Marketing in 2020: Building Trust Among a Time of Data Tracking and A.I.

Digital marketers face a challenge of balancing hyper-personalised, machine learning automation, and concerns for data privacy and personal connection. Recent studies found that building trust within your online presence is becoming crucial in bridging the gap to in-store human experiences. The following article discusses artificial intelligence and automation in marketing, the critical factor of building trust and transparency, and the role of callback widgets such as CallPage.

Author:  Fiona Shen   •   August 24, 2017
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Houston, we have... leads! What to do with them?

In the perfect world, your leads will drive down the sales funnel themselves. They will be excited to buy and will come back to you whenever the need arises. Easy, right? It’s not. And it never has been.

Author:  Tim Secnik   •   August 21, 2017
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6 CallPage features you had no idea about. Make the most of CallPage!

 With all the marketing platforms at your disposal, it is common to use a multi-tiered strategy that leverages many of these platforms in order to attract the greatest number of leads.

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   August 16, 2017
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6 unusual ways of using Callpage. How to use Callpage for your business (and not only)?

 CallPage connects website visitors with website creators. It facilitates a conversation with others in 28 seconds, and brings the website visitor anonymity to your personal phone call.Its primary usage is for generating sales leads, and it’s a successful hit. But our start-up thrives off creativity and innovation, constantly mulling over abstract possibilities of our widget. Here are 6 unusual ways to use CallPage:

Author:  Fiona Shen   •   August 7, 2017
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9 tricks for increasing your conversion. Rock your conversion rate!

Are you familiar with the situation when the item prices of your online store are competitive, the offers are narrowly targeted, the landing page is tested hundreds of times, and the conversion is so high that it's even unbelievable? Still dreaming of such things? Have you ever wondered what causes low conversion and how to deal with it? Well, sit back, cause we will consider 9 main factors that affect the conversion of the website.

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   August 2, 2017
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What is social selling in the eyes of Mick Griffin?

What is social selling? At our Online Sales Sprint two weeks ago, Brand24’s Chief Revenue Officer Mick Griffin delivered a highly informative and interactive webinar revolving around this buzzword. Here are our three takeaways from the presentation and reasons we believe social selling will help businesses of any size achieve greater selling success.

Author:  Brandon Wong   •   August 1, 2017
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