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#1 blog about sales calls

9 Key Performance Indicators in Internet Marketing That You Should Know About

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   April 6, 2016
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How to Make a Good Impression on Your Potential Customers Before They Start Talking to You - Examples

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   April 1, 2016
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10 Website Errors That Is Hurting Your Business

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   March 30, 2016
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Categories: Client service

YES! Customers Service Is The New Marketing

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   March 20, 2016
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80% of companies in Poland Will Help You by Telephone [CallPage Test Results]

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   March 13, 2016
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Categories: Inside Sales Calls

10 Phone Call Cardinal Sins. How to Effectively Lose the Customer?

During a phone call, you can gain or lose a client. Regardless of whether you answer the phone in the office or the store, you should focus on providing high-quality customer service.

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   February 29, 2016
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B2B Marketing Statistics That You Need To Know [RECOMMENDED]

Do you want to know about current trends and practices in B2B marketing? In this article, you will find interesting statistics about popular activities taken by companies and B2B marketers.

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   February 21, 2016
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Categories: Client service

You Are Losing Customers Because of These 5 things

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   February 17, 2016
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3 Steps to Succeed. How To Start Using CallPage?

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   February 8, 2016
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