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Top 7 Cold Calling Scripts for Car Sales (+Alternative to Cold Calls)

Looking to boost sales at your dealership? Check out these seven cold calling scripts for car sales we've put together. They're unique, engaging, and made for different customer needs. We'll also talk about inbound calls and how to get more customers to call you.

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82% of buyers say they've agreed to a sales meeting that came from a cold call, according to Zippia. Yet, only 2% of cold calls actually work out. This shows that while cold calls can be effective, they're also hard to get right.

A lot of sales representatives find the prospect of cold calling daunting because it's often challenging and uncomfortable. They face frequent rejection and feel like they're wasting time on calls that go nowhere. The stress levels are high, too, as you only have a few seconds to make a good impression on the person you're speaking to. Otherwise, the call usually gets cut short.

How Can You Make Cold Calls Work?

Cold calling can be tricky, but two things make a big difference: doing your homework and having a good game plan.

  • First, know who you're calling. The more you know about them, the better you can talk about things they actually care about.
  • Your opening line is super important. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Make those first words count!
  • Once you've got their ear, keep the conversation going with open-ended questions. This not only keeps them talking but also gives you useful info about what they need.
  • You'll probably get pushback or objections. That's normal. Just be ready with some smart responses to keep the conversation on track.
  • Not every call will go great, and that's okay. Learn from each one and move on to the next.
  • If the call goes well, use it as a chance to plan your next step, like sending a follow-up email.

So what's the most crucial part of all this? Your opening line.

Coming up next, let's explore 10 great script ideas just for car sales. Get ready to take notes!

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Cold Calling In the Automotive Industry

When it comes to cold calling in the automotive industry, your strategy should depend on who you're trying to reach: Is it a family seeking a reliable vehicle? A young millionaire eyeing a high-performance car like a Hellcat? Or perhaps a corporation looking to expand its vehicle fleet? Each prospect calls for a tailored approach and a customized cold-calling script.

While cold calling can be fruitful, it's crucial to remember that simply dialing random numbers can be both ineffective and potentially illegal, depending on your jurisdiction. It's essential to build a targeted list of leads to ensure that you're reaching out to potential customers who are genuinely interested and to remain compliant with local regulations.

Now, let's look into a few specific cold-calling scripts for car sales you can use!

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#1: Re-Engaging Past Leads

Car salesman drinking coffee and talking through the phone

Contacting individuals who have previously shown interest in one or more of your vehicles but have been disengaged for some time may spark a renewed interest in making a purchase.

Re-engaging these leads needs a creative approach to rekindle their interest. Having a genuine conversation is crucial, making them feel valued rather than simply being pitched to. For this script, it's essential to be aware of the vehicle model the person was interested in and to have a token of appreciation ready. This could be a discount or a small gift like a keychain.

This script is designed to position sales reps as collaborators rather than just salespeople, promoting a sense of shared benefits. While the underlying goal is still to finalize a car sale potentially, it's easier to engage a lead by first gathering feedback and then smoothly transitioning to a more sales-oriented approach.

It's also a great way to get an authentic review of a specific car model, which could enhance your sales proposition to others.

Sample call script

You: Hello [Lead's Name], it's [Your Name] from [Dealership Name]. I'm calling because we're looking for people like you who'd like to collaborate on one of our new projects. Could I take a minute or two of your time?

Lead: Oh, hi [Your Name]. That sounds intriguing, sure.

You: A while ago, you were interested in buying a [Car Model]. I'm curious if you went ahead with the purchase and how it's been performing for you. We’re asking because we want to make our offers better with the help of feedback from people like you. I have a small gift for you if you could share your thoughts.

Continuing the conversation

The script's purpose is to find out if potential customers have completed their car purchase. This insight lets us know if they are still in the market or if an obstacle has prevented them from buying. If they haven't bought a car yet, this is our chance to introduce them to some sweet deals on the model they're interested in or perhaps an alternative that could catch their eye.

For those who have made a purchase, we take the opportunity to ask for their opinion on the car. This conversation can reveal any issues they're experiencing, allowing us to suggest an alternative model that better suits their needs. Remember, offering a swap should be a natural part of the conversation, not the main focus.

#2: Reconnect With Previous Buyers

Young couple buying a car from a sales rep

When you have a new car model in stock, it presents an opportunity to reconnect with a previous customer. This can generate buzz and potentially lead to sales. However, it's essential to approach this carefully.

Don't reach out to someone who's just bought a vehicle. Make sure they've been using it for some time. And focus on those who are likely to be interested in making a new purchase.

If you want to use our script, you should also check the customer's history with your dealership. If they've had issues with a car they bought from you, be prepared to address that.

Sample call script

You: Hi [Customer's Name], this is [Your Name] from [Dealership Name]. You bought a [Car Model] from us a while ago, and I was wondering if you have a couple of minutes to help me with something. Is this a good time?

Customer: Yeah, go ahead.

You: Great! I'm conducting a brief survey about your experience with the [Car Name]. On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the car?

  • If the customer gives a 1-4 rating, you could say:
    I'm sorry to hear that. What issues have you been facing?
  • If the customer gives an 8-10 rating, you could continue like this:
    Great to hear that! What do you love most about it?
  • If the customer gives a 5-7 rating, you can ask both follow-up questions.

Continuing the conversation

  • If the customer has issues with the car, express sympathy and maybe suggest a trade-in for a more reliable model.
  • If the customer loves the car, consider suggesting an upgrade to a newer model with similar but improved features.

By organizing your approach this way, you're likely to have a more successful and productive conversation with your customers.

#3: Promotional Events

Couple examining a car at a dealership

Cold calling can be a great way to spread the news fast when there's a special sales event, a limited-time offer, or a seasonal promotion. For this type of cold call, it's wise to reach out to prospects who have shown interest in a particular car model before, are in the process of looking for a vehicle, or are car enthusiasts in general.

In this sales script, the aim is to come across more as a friendly invitee rather than a salesperson.

Sample call script

You: Hello [Lead's Name], this is [Your Name] from [Dealership Name]. So we’re having a little get-together to show off our newest [Car Models] on the [Date]. It’s less of a showroom scene, more of a laid-back gathering with some cool cars and good company.

Knowing you're looking for a car/you've shown interest in [Car Model], I thought you’d enjoy an invite. What do you say?

Lead: Oh, that sounds interesting. What sort of deals are you offering?

You: We have a couple of friendly gestures for those who drop by: some trade-in offers and a few perks on new car purchases. It’s all pretty relaxed. Plus, we're offering a few test drives and good coffee. Does it sound like something you'd be into?

Continuing the conversation

If they're keen on joining in, share the timing details and send over an email invitation with all the extra info.

You might want to say something like: "The event starts at [Time] and rolls on until [End Time]. But feel free to pop in whenever works for you during that window. We get that everyone's on their own schedule, so we've kept it flexible."

A friendly SMS nudge closer to the date, going over the event details could help to re-engage the Lead, confirm they're coming, and ramp up the excitement for the event.

#4: Reaching Out to Businesses

Five trucks in a parking lot of a business

Reaching out to local businesses with personalized offers for their transportation needs can help grow your dealership and build lasting relationships that even bring recurring revenue. Before making the call, make sure to learn about the business, like the field they are in or how big they are, and find out about any past interactions with your dealership.

This car sales cold calling script focuses on building a good relationship by showing how your offerings can meet their unique needs, presenting yourself as a dependable partner instead of just a salesperson.

If it's a small business, you can contact the owner. But if it's a larger company, make sure to target the right manager, as the CEO will most likely be too busy to talk to you.

Sample call script

You: Hello, my name is [Your Name], I'm from [Dealership Name]. Is this [Business Owner/Manager’s Name]?

Lead: Speaking.

You: I'm glad I reached you. I’ve been following [Business Name] and am inspired by your work in [mention their industry or a specific project]. Correct me if I'm wrong, but a solid fleet probably plays a big role in your success. And this is where I potentially come in.

[Dealership Name] is a car dealership, but we want to be more than that. We want to be a trusted advisor, helping you fine-tune your fleet logistics. We have some new vehicles available that could potentially help you save [Realistic Figure] per month. We even offer trade-ins if you're thinking about a fleet revamp.

Is this a good time to discuss a potential partnership, or could we schedule a meeting for a different day?

Continuing the conversation

Notice the approach here? By expressing an understanding of their company and its challenges right off the bat, we’ve laid a foundation of empathy and recognition. And by talking about a specific and tangible advantage of partnering together, we're not just making a sales pitch but offering a mutually beneficial partnership.

The next step would be to get more details about the company's fleet and the challenges they're facing. Or, if you've called at the wrong time, try to secure a meeting or follow-up call.

#5: Selling Vehicles to a Specific Market

Small electric car that can be used by restaurants for deliveries

Cold calling works well when you're selling special vehicles for a specific market. For example, if you sell heavy-duty trucks, it's smart to call companies that move goods over rough terrains. Likewise, local restaurants needing delivery vehicles could be good targets if you sell small electric cars. As with the previous script, make a list of such businesses and target managers instead of the C-level executives in larger companies.

Sample call script

You: Hi, this is [Your Name] from [Dealership Name]. Is this [Lead's Name]?

Lead: Yes, it's me.

You: Great! I’m reaching out as we have heavy-duty trucks that could significantly support [Manager's Business Name]'s operations. Our [Truck Model] has a payload of [X tons] and comes with comprehensive service packages. Could I ask you if you're using a similar vehicle at the moment?

  • If they answer yes, say: Would you mind sharing the model you're currently using?
  • If they answer no, continue like this: Would you be able to spare 2-3 minutes to find out why we believe you'd be interested in a test drive?

Continuing the conversation

If they answer yes to your question, you could proceed by acknowledging the current vehicles they use and then subtly introducing the advantages of the trucks you offer. It's crucial to highlight how your vehicles can fill the gaps or address the challenges they might be facing with their current fleet.

If they answer no, it opens up an opportunity for you to introduce them to the benefits of your heavy-duty trucks in a manner that resonates with their business needs. At this point, you're aiming to make the offer free of commitment and as appealing as possible. Offer flexibility regarding a test drive or demo, showing that you value their time and are willing to accommodate their schedules.

#6: Trade-Ins and Buying Used Cars

Man and woman closing a deal in car sales

Selling cars isn't the only reason to cold call. You can also use it for trade-ins or buying used cars. For example, find online listings that match the cars you want, then give them a call. This can help you get a good trade-in deal or even a direct purchase.

Look through cars listed on websites like Craigslist, AutoTrader, or local classified ad platforms. These sites usually have a broad range of vehicles from private sellers who might be interested in trading-in or selling their cars.

Sample call script

You: Hello, my name is [Your Name]. Is this [Seller’s Name]?

Seller: Yes, it's me.

You: Great! I’m calling from [Dealership Name]. I saw your [Car Model] listed on [Website] and thought you might be interested in a no-charge market value assessment at our dealership. Could I share some more details?

Seller: Go ahead.

You: Perfect! We'd love to have you over at our office at [Address]. One of our experienced team members will have a look at your car and provide a detailed estimate of its market value. If our offer aligns with your expectations, we might be interested in buying it from you. Does that sound good?

Continuing the conversation

The continuation of this sales process doesn't need much explanation. You invite the seller to your dealership at a convenient time and offer to buy or trade in the car if you're interested. Keep in mind to use this as a sales opportunity too! After all, the seller is looking to replace their car unless they already did.

#7: Expired Loans

Woman talking on the phone while driving

Our last script for outbound calls is probably the most prominent scenario: contacting customers whose leases or auto loans are about to end. It can open the door for renewals or transitions into buying a new car. You can offer them tailor-made solutions based on their needs, like a new lease on a current model or a financing plan for a new purchase.

This strategy can help you retain customers by providing options just when they might be starting to think about their next move. It's a proactive way to keep them engaged with your dealership and possibly make an easy transition into another sale or lease.

Let's look at a universal cold-calling script sales reps can use.

Sample call script

You: Hello, is this [Customer's Name]?

Customer: Yes, speaking.

You: Great! I’m [Your Name] from the friendly crew over at [Dealership’s Name]. I'll only take a minute. Just checking in on how your [Current Car Model] has been treating you. Still enjoying the ride?

Customer: Oh, it’s been great!

You: Excellent! So, I noticed your current lease is nearing its end. Have you given any thought to what comes next? Perhaps exploring the latest models or features?

Customer: Well, I haven’t thought about it much.

You: No worries at all. It's always good to keep the options open. Would you be interested in a casual meet-up this weekend to check out some of our new arrivals? No strings attached. Just a friendly catch-up and a chance for you to see what’s new out there.

Customer: That sounds interesting.

Continuing the conversation

Here, the key is to maintain a friendly, open dialogue. If the customer expresses any dissatisfaction with their current vehicle, it's a perfect opportunity to discuss the benefits of the newer models you have in stock.

Addressing their concerns by aligning the features of a new or different model to their expressed needs can make for a smooth transition into discussing a potential new lease or purchase. It's all about creating a relaxed atmosphere where the customer feels at ease to explore new options with your guidance.

How to Get More Sales Calls for Your Dealership?

Cold calling has its place in the car sales process; however, its effectiveness can sometimes be a bit hit-or-miss, even with great phone scripts. The process can be nerve-wracking for a sales rep, and the conversion rates are often not as high as one would hope.

So, what's the alternative? The answer lies in enhancing your inbound call volume, a good alternative to cold calling.

Increasing your website traffic is the foundation. The more visitors you have, the higher the chances of receiving inbound phone calls. Implement a solid SEO strategy to rank higher on search engines, invest in paid advertising, and engage in content marketing to attract and educate your audience about your offerings.

Employing a tool like CallPage can really help as well. CallPage for car dealers is designed to convert your website traffic into valuable leads by offering a prompt for an instant callback. When visitors enter their phone number, they're connected with a sales rep in less than 28 seconds. This immediate response not only captures leads when their interest is piqued but also enhances the customer experience by providing instant gratification.

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Let's Sum Up

We hope these cold-calling tips and phone scripts help in refining your approach towards generating sales in the automotive industry. The essence of a successful cold call is to strike a balance between being informative, respectful, and engaging. It's all about creating a meaningful connection with your prospects.

Don't be afraid of negative reactions; every no brings you closer to a yes, and every interaction is an opportunity to learn and improve. Remember, there is no one best cold call script. It all depends on who you're calling and what you want to achieve.

If you're interested in increasing car sales without cold calls, see how CallPage can help you master automotive lead generation.

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