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Managing Leads in CallPage — How to Use Internal CallPage CRM

All calls ordered through the CallPage widget or made to a CallPage virtual number are automatically saved to the CallPage dashboard. It's like your own mini CRM. Let's explore its features.

Wioleta Szybowska

What Is a CRM system?

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a software system that helps companies better manage their relationships with customers. CRM enables tracking of customer interactions at every stage of cooperation — so when a salesperson calls a customer, they can use CRM to check the history of previous inquiries. With CRM, businesses can improve customer service, optimize sales efforts, and build lasting relationships with customers, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and profits.

There are many CRM systems on the market, ranging from simple ones to more comprehensive ones like Hubspot. CallPage offers integration with many of them, and through Zapier, you can integrate it with virtually any CRM available on the market.

Additionally, CallPage itself offers basic CRM features and lead management features. Let's explore the key ones.

Lead Management in the CallPage Dashboard

History and filtering

Upon navigating to the "Leads" tab in the CallPage Panel, you'll see all calls made to your company. Depending on your CallPage Plan, you have access to call history up to 6 or 12 months back. On the screen, you'll find the "Advanced Filters" option (simply expand the arrow), allowing you to sort the list according to your needs. You can display calls made to a specific department, widget, or with a certain status. Moreover, filters enable you to quickly check if a particular phone number has ordered a call with your company before.

CallPage Filtering

Call recordings

In addition to lead information, our list includes recordings of all completed calls. This feature enables you to not only identify who from your team has previously interacted with a specific customer but also delve into the conversation and its results. Access to call recordings is included in the Pro package.

Leads data

However, call recordings are not the only lead data available in the panel. Upon entering lead details (eye icon), you'll find information such as:

  • Call date,
  • Call type (meeting, instant call, scheduled call),
  • Call status (answered, missed by customer, missed by consultant),
  • Consultant/department they work in,
  • Link to the page from which the call was ordered,
  • Approximate customer address (geolocation),
  • User activity on the website (visited pages),
  • The trigger that prompted the call order,
  • Data regarding the lead's source from the UTM link,
  • Call Rating left after the call,
  • Tags and notes left by the consultant.

Tags and notes

Users can add notes if they have valuable information to share with the next consultant speaking to the person. But what's really cool is the tags feature. Tags are like labels or keywords that help organize and find leads in CallPage. They let you group leads into different categories that matter to your company. Consultants can tag potential customers, people interested in certain products, or tricky clients. You can create as many tags as you need and then use them for personalized SMS or phone campaigns, for example, reaching out to all leads interested in specific products.

Outbound calls from the panel

With CallPage, you can also initiate outbound calls. If your sales department runs call campaigns and you don’t have a call center system, this feature is a perfect fit. All calls made from the CallPage panel are meticulously logged in statistics, enabling you to track your team's effectiveness. Additionally, by recording calls and adding notes, you gain valuable insights into customer interactions, facilitating analysis and improvement of customer service processes. Keep in mind that calls made from the panel contribute to your successful call quota.

call from panel CallPage


Reports are a crucial aspect of any CRM system, and CallPage is no exception. In the "Statistics" tab, managers can delve into comprehensive insights into their team's performance. Here, you'll find data on the number of calls placed, the percentage of answered calls, scheduled call volume, and messages left. With filters, you can sort data by various parameters, such as widgets or consultants. Additionally, reports can be automatically sent to the manager's email address at a specified frequency, saving time and facilitating ongoing monitoring of team activities.

Analytics and statistics displaying the number of successful calls.

With CallPage, you can not only increase call volume but also enhance monitoring of your team's performance and improve your customer experience. Thanks to our reporting tools and practical features like call recording and tags, managing customer service processes becomes more efficient. As a result, your company achieves greater efficiency and elevates the quality of customer service - essential elements for success in the market!

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