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5 Proven Ways to Move Leads Down the Sales Funnel Faster

The sales process is certainly not for everyone. It is a long, arduous, and complex task that will have you pulling your hair out at times. The entire process can be looked at as a funnel, hence sales funnel, as you try to filter as many customers as you can from the larger pool of leads that are pouring in from the internet.

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As someone who is looking to improve lead retention, improve overall sales, or improve your conversion numbers, this is a process you must make yourself knowledgeable on. You do not want to get left behind in the competition by not focusing enough of your energy on this important task.

While there are numerous strategies to improve lead generation, retention, sales, and more, not all of them are going to be right for your particular niche. In the end, it is all about pushing leads to the bottom of the funnel.

That is why it is important to know proven methods that are going to work for just about any online business. You cannot risk lagging behind because of misguided lead management, so do what you must to get your head in the game.

Once you understand these proven methods, you can tailor them to your specific business needs.

Content Marketing: Raise Awareness

As you should know, content is one of the main factors that will bring traffic to your online business. Without content, there is nothing for people to find through search engines, social media, and other online sources. Without great content, you will not get:

Email Marketing: Create Leads

Email is still the largest communication tool in business because of its convenience and ease of use. You can really get some high-end leads by setting up the proper email marketing campaign. It all starts with gathering the mail addresses of people interested in your niche. You need to offer something compelling on your website, social media, guest blog, or what else you have to get them to sign up.

Once you have built a healthy list of valid email addresses you can start to customize email content just for this audience. You need to make it seem like it is written towards them personally like they are getting a great deal on something, and that the information you are sharing is relevant and helpful.

To do this, it is going to take a lot of strategizing and the proper writers to get the job done. You must not rush this process, generate your leads over time while you build up content to keep them interested in buying.

Content marketing is all about showing off your best work so people will flood to your website to read it. This can be handled in various ways, with some being better than others depending on the business. Social media, blogs, guest posts, banner advertising, and online forums are just some ways you can start marketing your online store to potential customers.

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E-Books: More Information

Information is what makes a consumer feel safe when they are making a purchasing decision. So it makes sense, as the seller, to provide as much information as you can to make potential customers trust you.

This can be done, these days, with the use of free e-Books that you can publish and give away to interested customers. If you truly are an expert in your niche and your product you must prove it to your customer before they will want to buy from you.

The right writer is going to be a huge asset for this entire process, as the job really just isn’t for everyone. You can have them collaborate with you and other experts on your business and put out relevant, informative e-Books that will provide your potential customers with all the information they could ask for. Some review resources have a top websites page, where you can find the top-rated writing services to hire for your e-book writing. 

The more trust you build in your leads, the more chance you will have to retain them at the end of the sales funnel.

Define Buyer Personas: Create Offers

The customer generally loves when offers seem to know exactly what they have been wanting. In sales, it is all about identifying your target demographic, analyzing their likes and dislikes, and customizing everything to try and pull them in. Over 70 percent of companies that exceed revenue and lead goals invest a lot of time in documenting and calibrating their buyer persona.

Your research skills are going to be put to the test here, as you need high-quality information to have the best chance at customizing offers customers will enjoy. Once you feel like you know your audience, give them a reason to come buy from you, the right offer on the right product will entice just about anyone.

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Final Deal: Offer Discounts or Special Benefits

In sales, nothing is ever going to be perfect. It doesn’t matter what kind of offers you came up with after your demographic research, some people will still need a little extra motivation to reach the end of the funnel. This is where you bring out the big guns and start offering even better deals, but only to those who wouldn’t bite before.

Gather the information you can about these leads, and stretch to the bottom line to get them as a customer. Sometimes it isn’t all about profit, it is about bringing a new customers and retaining them for the years to come with a great deal. 

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The Funnel Will Always Leak

Any of you who have been in sales for any length of time know that you cannot close every sale, ever. The online sales funnel can be utilized very effectively with the right strategy, but there will always be those leads that leak out through little holes in the sides.

As a sales manager or anyone else in the sales process, you need to be aware that you cannot do anything about this.

Your goal is to develop the best possible process to get those leads flowing through with minimal leakage. The above five tips are going to help you get your strategy moving in the right direction. With a lot of hard work from you and a little bit of luck, you will see that funnel start sending cash directly into the business coffers.

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