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Customers Are People, Not Just Data Points: Interview with Jennifer Havice

Jennifer Havice is a conversion optimizer and copywriter for a subscription business. Over the past several years she has been helping businesses get better-performing websites and marketing campaigns with a higher-converting online copy.

Magda Wąsowicz

Jennifer Havice is conversion optimizer and copywriter for a subscription business. Over the past several years she has been helping businesses get better performing websites and marketing campaigns with higher converting online copy. Jennifer has been working for some of the best in business, including Peep Laja of Conversion XL and Joanna Wiebe of CopyHackers. She believes that a blend of science and creativity can make copywriting magic. If you want to learn more, check out Jen’s website – or read our interview below!

Magda: Hi Jen! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Can you start by telling our readers how did you begin your career in copywriting?

Jennifer Havice: I started out writing content online then helping small businesses with their social media. After I discovered conversion rate optimization and the importance of customer research, I was hooked. I decided I wanted to focus on helping businesses better understand how to deliver the right messages to their customers.

Magda: What surprising lessons have you learned along the way?
Jennifer: Reliable data and processes are important but so is personality and creativity. Our customers are people, not just data points. So you’ve got to speak to them in ways that inspire connection. That means sometimes breaking free of convention and the laundry list of best practices everyone else is following.

Magda: Are there any qualities that make for a successful copywriter?
Jennifer: Always keep asking questions about your customers. Why are they coming to you? What keeps them up at night? What makes them tick? Be inquisitive. And continue to hone your skills.

Magda: What do you think about focusing on one project versus juggling?
Jennifer: When you can focus on one thing at a time it’s ideal. But that’s not always going to be the case. You’re continually doing client work along with growing your own business. So the juggling never ends.

Magda: What are the pros and cons of working full-time for an agency versus being a freelancer?
Jennifer: I haven’t worked in an agency before so can’t speak to that. Working for yourself means being able to take on the projects you want and have complete control over your time. It can be great, but it requires a lot of discipline.

Magda: What advice would you give to somebody who wants to become a copywriting superstar?
Jennifer: Work hard. Be open to new opportunities. And stay humble.

Magda: Thank you for the interview, Jennifer! 

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