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How CallPage Streamlined Car Sales Lead Generation at a Ford Dealership

Drive your car dealership's lead generation to a new level with CallPage, just like the award-winning Ford Dealership in Poland did! Discover how you can effortlessly turn website traffic into real conversations, sales calls, and satisfied customers.

Ksawery Cepeniuk

As we approach the curtain close of 2023, the automotive industry is yet to bounce back fully from the slump in sales witnessed during the pandemic's onslaught. Many dealerships find it challenging to find new leads and convert them into sales effectively.

In this article, we'll see how a car dealership can automate lead generation and improve overall business results with CallPage.

How Can a Car Dealership Generate More Leads?

Some dealerships kickstart Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to quickly draw attention and increase traffic to their website. They act as a spotlight, shining a beam on your offerings among the digital crowd.

However, a longer-term and more effective strategy is to build a strong website that naturally attracts visitors over time. Unlike the short-lived buzz from PPC campaigns, a well-made website keeps pulling in interested people to see what's on offer.

Whether the traffic comes from PPC campaigns or naturally, what matters is how you turn that traffic into potential customers.

Here's where a tool like CallPage comes in handy. Our pop-up widget isn’t just a flashy hello. It smartly spots users at a key point during their visit to your website. At that moment, it pops up, offering them a chance to get a free call from your consultant in just 28 seconds. If they prefer to talk later, they can easily schedule a call or a meeting for a more convenient time.

Think of this widget as a helpful assistant, opening a channel of communication between you and the potential buyers right when they're most interested. It's an easy and effective way to turn web traffic into real conversations, sales calls, and, eventually, successful sales deals.

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Ford Dealership Case Study

Ford logo

We're not just guessing that CallPage can help with getting more leads for car sales; we have real proof. One of our clients is a Ford Dealership in Poland, which even won a big award in 2022, called the Chairman's Award, given to top-notch Ford Dealers in Europe.

They had a simple goal: to make it easier for people to get in touch with them through their website and have a good experience right from the start. Also, they wanted to record calls so they could listen later and find ways to do things better. This sounded like a job for CallPage!

How CallPage Improved Car Sales Lead Generation at Ford

Ford business results achieved thanks to CallPage

With our tool, this dealership made it easy for customers to reach out, and they also collected lots of call recordings. These recordings helped them see what was working and what wasn't, helping them improve along the way.

With the convenient callback widget seamlessly integrated into their website, potential customers were able to request immediate contact with a representative at the click of a button. This streamlined and simplified the process, resulting in increased engagement and a higher conversion rate of website visitors into valuable leads.

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Ford car dealership website screenshot using CallPage

What Ford BCH Chwaliński Thinks About Us

There’s nothing we think needs changing, really. CallPage has been working great for us for the past two years, and we’re happy to continue using it. Overall, we rate the experience a 10 out of 10!

Sebastian Kaczmarczyk — Sales Representative at Ford BCH Chwaliński

How Your Dealership Can Benefit From CallPage

Just like the Ford Dealership in Poland, your car dealership can get more leads and better engage with customers using CallPage. It's all about making it easy for potential buyers to get in touch with you.

CallPage creates a quick connection with visitors, which can leave a good, lasting impression, increasing the chances of turning a casual browser into a serious buyer. Besides that, CallPage offers features like analytics, call recording, and call tracking to understand customer interactions better, helping you improve.

The virtual PBX function makes communication smooth, adding a professional touch to your dealership's communication system.

Moreover, with CallPage, you can set rules for when the widget should pop up, allowing for more personalized engagement. You can also change how the pop-up looks to match your brand, creating a consistent user experience.

With the mix of quick engagement, helpful analytics, and customizable features, CallPage is a well-rounded solution for turning website traffic into valuable leads and, eventually, satisfied customers.

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Try Out CallPage for Free and See the Difference

Trying out new tools and technologies can sometimes feel like a gamble, but with CallPage, you can take it for a test drive without any financial commitment.

We offer a free 14-day trial that allows you to experience firsthand the ease of engagement and the increase in lead generation that CallPage can bring to your dealership. The whole setup process is simple and quick, so why not give it a shot?

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