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9 Ways To Generate More Calls via CallPage. Tips For Customers

If you’re a CallPage client, you already know that our tool allows you to increase the conversion rate from your website, thus increases sales records. Properly used, it can provide an increase in valuable leads of up to 75%. But what’s the best way to achieve an increase like that? In this article you’ll see how to fine-tune the settings of the CallPage system to help you generate more sales calls.

Paulina Golab


1. Add the appropriate scoring rules to catch a users’ attention.

The Callpage scoring system allows you to monitor the behavior of your website visitors. The rules in the scoring system correspond to the various actions of users: they allocate points for each activity. When the user reaches a certain number of points, CallPage displays a window and suggests immediate contact.

Scoring rules help generate more calls via CallPage, as the pop-up is shown to those users who perform a certain action. For example, express initial interest in an offer, or on the contrary, plan to leave the site. Website visitors do not have to click the CallPage widget themselves as the contact incentive is displayed automatically.

“33% of leads generated by CallPage for our clients for 2018 were caught by automatic scoring system algorithms.”

The exit-intent is one of the most popular rules and relates to the action of leaving a website. If, for example, the system detects that the user is pointing their cursor to the upper right corner of a website, the pop-up will be displayed automatically. Right now we have approx. 279,512 such rules in the system.


Enable the default set of scoring rules in the dashboard, or contact your Customer Success Team so they help you prepare the model for you.

2. Attract visitors’ attention with an eyecatcher or tooltip.

After implementing the CallPage widget on your website, take a moment to refine its content and form in the form of adding an eyecatcher or a tooltip. The aim is to draw the attention of the visitor and focus their attention on the widget to encourage them to click the CallPage handset and to start a call.

The setting options for the eyecatcher are literally unlimited. It may be a text encouraging a visitor to click on the handset with a promise of a quick callback or may refer to a problem a user wants to solve.


Add an eyecatcher or tooltip to your CallPage widget to increase its visibility.

3. Personalization of the pop-up.

Changing the texts on the pop-up and its graphic design helps generate more sales calls. You can change the content of individual tabs of the CallPage pop-up in the widget settings. 

It’s best to match the text on the pop-up to your business offer.

Another good solution is to promise a small discount if the user books a call, but you’re not able to call them back within the specified time. With the incentive of a discount, you can generate more calls in a short time.


Personalize the Call to Action of your pop-up. The promise of a quick callback is already a good contact incentive, but it can have more of an impact if you use it creatively.

4. Use the CallPage link in your owned media.

Using the CallPage link is another way to increase the number of connections. Each widget has its own dedicated link, e.g. https://cpnow.me/d/1aGG.

After clicking the link, the user is moved to the dedicated CallPage landing page.

It can be linked in the email footer, inserted in the text of an email or placed in a blog post.

One example of using the CallPage link is to put it in the email footer:


Put a CallPage link in places that will allow you to generate more calls.

5. Place the widget on sub-pages with high traffic.

Check which of your subpages have the most visits – implement the widget on these pages.


Make sure that the CallPage widget is displayed on subpages visited by potential clients.

6. Set the night mode to gain leads even after business hours.

Night mode allows you to generate leads outside the company’s working hours as users are immediately informed about the absence of a sales rep. Instead of an automatic callback, they can use a “Call me later” option.


Set the night mode so you don’t lose any of your potential customers when you’re not at the office.

7. Make sure the pop-up is correctly displayed on mobile devices.

It is extremely important to adjust the pop-up to the mobile version of your website so all mobile and tablet users can see it clearly.

In 2018, 61.2% of the global population accessed the internet from their mobile phone*.

If you’re not trying to reach mobile users, you’re ignoring more than 60% of potential customers (*statista.com). As a result, you’re missing the chance to generate more sales calls.


Adjust the display of CallPage to the mobile version of your website.

8. Connect CallPage to the contact form on your website.

You can connect CallPage with the contact form on your website. This means that when a user submits your contact form, they’re automatically connected with a consultant.


If you have a contact form on your website, connect it to CallPage via the API and provide your potential clients with an instant callback.

9. Place the CallPage button on the website and contact more users.

You can also get more calls from CallPage by placing a button on your website and connecting it with the system. After clicking on the classic button (not a widget), a pop-up appears and suggests a call.

This solution is best used on pages with a simple design where the button stands out. We recommend it to those whose target group may not understand exactly what a callback tool is.

Test it!

As you’ve just seen, installing CallPage helps gain more leads. But another important step is to adjust the tool to your business needs and what you are offering. This, in turn, increases the effectiveness of the tool.

If you’d like us to help you implement these changes, please contact our Customer Success Team.

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