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7 Quick Tricks To Start Selling More

Finding new people to buy your product or service is an important part of the entire sales process. The more you sell, the self-confidence and self-esteem increase. In this context, the question of how to sell a maximum is the key issue for any sales manager. The main thing is not the question, but the answer. The higher quality will be the answer, the higher result will be.

Sergey Butko

If you have some e-commerce, whether it’s a single product or tens of thousands, there are many things that you can change on your website that will increase your sales, even if you maintain the same amount of website traffic.

Here you have seven quick tricks to start selling more and double your sales:

Key challenges

We can be too focused on our goals, be afraid of the unexpected wishes of the client, fear that we will not give the client sufficient confidence and feel a lack of knowledge or skills, but we simply have to establish the client’s needs and present the product in the language of benefits.

All your prospect cares about is the key challenges they have faced.  Make the conversation all about them by asking questions that will ultimately lead to you helping them overcome those challenges.

Focus on your potential customers

Try to assess the level of involvement of potential client, see how far he has already interested in purchasing. Has he just signed up for additional information? Or just looked at your products and inquired about the prices?

Understand how and why the client came to you. Making the first call relevant and timely, you will receive a more meaningful and informative conversation.

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Enhance your visitors’ trust in you

One of the best amongst other approaches to set up your validity is to incorporate client tributes in your direct mail advertisement. These ought to be passages from authentic messages or letters from clients communicating how your product or service tackled the specific issue they confronted. This last point is vital: A customer testimonial that states how your item benefited them is considerably more viable than one that just says something like, „Your product is extraordinary!”

Test it!

Test your unique products and services offer.

Unique Proposal of goods and services is a statement about the positioning of the product, its motive that makes your offer unique or very attractive, or gives a greater sense of value to the potential buyer.

I’m sure you’re familiar with ads like:

  • „Try a free trial for 30 days. Download it now.”
  • „Free delivery on orders over $ 35” or „Free delivery if you order today.”
  • „Instantly increase the email subscriber base by 500%.”

To increase the conversion rate, test which of the unique proposals and calls to action will receive the most clicks and conversions.

Prepare for tomorrow

You will not close any deals without feedback. Since this activity will take up part of your working time in any case, why didn’t plan it in advance? A sure way to lose time – come to work in the morning and trying to remember who to call and what to say.

Thanks to the scheduling of calls and the automatic control of tasks, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. If you write down what ended the previous conversation with this or that potential client, you will know where to start the next conversation. You will not be repeated and will be able to focus on what will help you to move forward.

Be specific about how many emails you need to send, calls you need to make, and meetings you need to set each day. Otherwise, you’re just throwing darts at a wall. This is a simple but surprisingly effective strategy to helping you close more sales.

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Additional sales

Cross-selling, product-related details, are a sure way to increase the store’s revenue.

If it’s possible, show how the product interacts with additional components, tell more about their strengths and how they can be put to good use.

For example, when selling a shampoo, tell the customer that it works better with a certain brand of conditioner. Tell which effect can be obtained by correctly hair treating. Give competent advice. These methods and strategies will help you achieve new heights in retail sales.

Add helpful widgets

Currently, there is a huge number of analytical tools and optimization of interactions with potential customers. Business people try to maximize their profits with widgets’ help, but in the pursuit of technology, they often forget about time-tested offline tools. At the same time, the combination of analytics capabilities that the Internet gives to users of communication methods, like a phone call, can bring very good results in increasing the conversion rate.

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