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Lead Generation and Conversion Rate Optimization: Strategies, Best Practices & Examples

10 things you have to check when conversion rate is low.

Do you struggle with your conversion rate? Thinking all the time what could go better?Our list may be helpful if you want to improve your situation. Check the higlighted parts and cross them out of your list. These little points can fix your strategy and boost your conversion!

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   October 31, 2017
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Cold Calling for financial industry: tips, tricks & good practices.

If you are in sales and you "don't put stock in cold calling" you may miss out on a considerable measure of money.

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   October 30, 2017
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Why can't you close the deal? 7 common mistakes.

Unclosed deals is just a symptom. If you take a look at what really caused the missed opportunity to make a deal, you’ll find that you ignored important activities in the earlier stages of the sale process.

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   October 23, 2017
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Cold Calling Statistics That Will Amaze You In A Heartbeat

Сold calling in conservative industries and narrow niches remain one of the best ways to find new customers. For the last 10 years cold calling has lost it’s place among rating of popular promotion tools. However, it remains an extremely profitable form of marketing, when it is correctly configured. Cold calling doesn’t hurt if it is managed properly.

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   October 18, 2017
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Lead nurturing can lead you to success. How to do it right?

Lead" - refers to a customer who is interested in a product or service and who has left his application on the site or filled out a registration form. The completed application, the registration form, the contacts left on the site by the client - this is the generated lead.

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   October 16, 2017
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3 simple things to make your cold calling better

It’s a well-known fact, that cold calling is a very difficult task for a every sales-manager. Thanks to the efforts of marketers, there are many approaches to cold calling, a lot of scripts and techniques to combat objections: standard call scenarios, company presentation, identifying needs or establishing a dialogue. The main problems of each sales manager is often a fear of dialing numbers and overcoming barriers.

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   October 16, 2017
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8 Things to Make Your Website Look and Work Better

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   October 3, 2017
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Personal branding for sales people - how to do it right?

- What unites all people-brands - for example: Salvador Dali, Lady Gaga, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs?

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   September 28, 2017
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Irina Lam [OmniConvert]: Digital Sales in the Artificial Intelligence Era [FREE webinar + transcription]

The Online Sales Sprint is a series of live streamed webinars, in which the latest marketing practices are discussed and taught, all completely free of charge. Learn how to navigate marketing and sales in today's social media and data-driven climate, from success proven Entrepreneurs and Experts across the globe. 

Author:  Sergey Butko   •   September 26, 2017
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