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12 Ways To Increase The Number of Calls from Potential Customers

12 Ways To Increase The Number of Calls from Potential Customers

Sergey Butko
Sergey Butko
April 21, 2016

In some companies, the number of incoming calls from potential customers translates proportionately into the number of acquired customers and revenues generated by the company.

Here at CallPage, every day we reflect on the question of how to get more potential customers by phone.

Therefore, we share a few of our tried and tested tips.


1. Add a phone number on your website in a prominent place.

It is essential that visitors on the website can easily find a contact phone number.



2. Make the phone number on the website hyperlinked.

This is a vital element, especially if a potential customer visits your website on his smartphone.



3. Add Company’s phone number on Facebook profile.



4. Add your business to Google Maps and Google Business.

It is important, especially for local business, but also crucial for any company that wants to get more phone call from customers.




5. Use your phone number in the Google AdWords campaign.

Thanks to Adwords opportunities, you can help potential clients to be able to call your Company through the announcement.




6. Collect phone numbers from potential customers after working hours.

It is not a secret that most people are looking for something on the Internet in the evenings when companies are already closed and do not receive calls.

An excellent solution like CallPage will collect from potential customers phone numbers by offering them contact in the next working day.




7. Place phone number as an alternative next to contact form.



8. Add a phone number on a banner in retargeting.

If a potential client was on your site once and is familiar with the offer, he is more likely to call the company.

Banner with a contact number and Call-to-Action can help.




9. Replace Bounce Rate into telephone leads through Exit Pop-ups.

Exit Popups allow showing messages to customers in the window before leaving the page.

Customers who use CallPage trigger the message to clients when they are just about to leave the page.


pic (14)


10. Add a phone number in the footer of emails sent by employees of your company.



11. Use strong or tempting Call-to-Action, to encourage people to contact.

In our company we did it this way – when the user enters the sub price list, we showed them the following message:




12. Add a phone number on the website and ‘thank you’ page after conversion.

If the user enrolled in the newsletter, downloaded an e-book, or completed a form on the site, there is a chance that he is interested in telephone contact with the company.





In conclusion, I would like to add that the company that seeks to increase the number of incoming calls and leads should always take care of good potential client’s first impression.

Do not worry your potential clients by long waiting on the phone line or by the need to call several times, because no one answers.

We wish you a great and successful conversion. Order a personalized presentation or test our tool for free for 7 days!


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