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Five Easy Tips to Generate Qualified Leads with Facebook Ads

In the last ten years, social media marketing and paid advertising have taken off Facebook. Today, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms used by 2.41 billion people monthly. When it comes to lead generation with social media channels, one thing that attracts people is “free advertising “.

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Businesses can generate traffic with organic social media posts essentially at zero cost. However, competition for free traffic increases overtime. This can make getting organic traffic more difficult, resulting in sub-par lead generation results.

That is why companies should consider paid channels based on PPC as a part of their marketing strategy.

Generating Leads using Facebook Ads

Many companies promote products on Facebook because of its reach. By posting engaging content, you can grow your organic following, which drives more visitors to your Facebook business page. 

Facebook Lead Ads are another great option to include in your lead generation mix. They let you directly include an in-browser Instant Form for people to fill in. To increase the number of completed forms, Facebook automatically pre-fills parts of your instant form based on information users already shared on Facebook such as their name, email address, and phone number. This form works especially well on mobile phones.

Essentially, think of your Facebook page like a landing page where you include a lead capture form. The number of Likes of the Facebook page represents social proof. Your page posts are additional information you provide to showcase your brand and educate potential customers.

CallPage Facebook Lead Ads Integration for Lead Generation

In your Facebook marketing campaigns, you can apply many different strategies. Adding CallPage to your Lead Ads and phone answering service can improve your lead gen business.

Some actions which CallPage provides include:

  • Ability to contact visitors who fill the Facebook Lead Ads form in 28 seconds,
  • Improve conversion rate of your social media ads –specifically Facebook and Instagram,
  • Increase your ROI from Facebook Ads,
  • Deploy innovative and new technologies in an effective way to generate sales, 
  • Save entire data  on the CallPage panel.

The most important factor in a successful marketing campaign is mastering proven strategies to generate effective leads

To help you succeed, let’s discuss 5 effective ways to generate leads with Facebook Ads:

1. Free Offers Get Users’ Attention

Who doesn’t like a free giveaway? Facebook has a hub where people have come to expect free offers or contests. Once you grab users’ attention with offers, use an instant form to collect their contact information.

Overtime can continue to nurture the relationship and guide them through the customer journey (from awareness to retention). You can browse other free offers in the Facebook Ads Library to see how your competitors are generating leads.

2. Include Questions to Qualify Leads

Not all leads are created equal. Most businesses are interested in high-intent leads. To qualify your leads, design a series of questions to determine where they are in the customer journey. Capturing qualified leads will allow you to create segments based on leads’ responses.

Activities like surveys can nurture the process of lead generation. Some benefits of surveys in lead generation including:

  • Evaluating whether a lead needs for your product or service,
  • Learning more information about a lead so that you can serve them in a more proficient way,
  • Focusing your marketing and sales efforts on the highest quality prospects

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3. Videos Drive Engagement

Using video on Facebook is a great strategy for acquiring leads. By making use of Lead Ads, you can use videos to attract viewers and encourage them to click on your CTA.

You should focus on creating high-quality videos. Facebook users are bombarded with content every day. Focus on building anticipation in your video and place a CTA early on. Three tactics that will help you in generating leads from video include:

  • Adding a clear CTA at the beginning and end of your videos,
  • Reach a wider audience by using engaging and entertaining content,
  • Focus your video on attracting quality leads.

In a nutshell, create a short and engaging video about your product or service. Then watch as your number of collected leads grows.

4. Empower your Lead Generation Using Messenger & SMS

Have you considered adding Facebook Messenger and SMS to your lead gen strategy? Incorporating these provide a new set of tools to interact with leads. 

Email engagement rates have declined over the years (often <20%). Messenger and SMS Campaigns can come to your rescue by keeping your customers informed about new products, while maintaining existing relationships. 

Compared to email, Messenger has >70% open rates while SMS has up to 98% open rates. In your personal inbox, will hardly find any unread SMS messages, while your email inbox is likely flooded with unread emails.

Below are some quick ways to painlessly integrate Messenger &SMS into a marketing campaign:

  • Make use of the mobile numbers given by customers in surveys (SMS),
  • Implement Facebook autoresponder to improve response time and convert leads 24/7,
  • Run Messenger Ads or ask visitors to subscribe to Messenger on your landing pages,
  • Set SMS or Messenger reminders when the products are on sale.

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5. Unlock Facebook’s Targeting Capabilities

Facebook offers a treasure chest of targeting options. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them. 

Here are just a few of the targeting capabilities you have available:

  •   Job titles
  •   Education
  •   Relationships
  •   Age
  •   Hobbies
  •   Average income
  •   Language proficiencielead generations
  •   Entertainment

Consider creating highly targeted campaigns for Lead Ads that speak directly to different customer segments. For example, if you’re selling CBD lotion, test running ads for users with chronic pain, along with new technology enthusiasts. Each group will require different messaging. By testing lots of audiences, you can uncover new pockets of potential customers.

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The ultimate strategy for generating leads through Facebook campaign lies in creating effective ads. 

Test lots of different offers including free offers to get users’ attention. Include surveys with qualifying questions to segment your top leads. Create engaging video ads to drive engagement in your campaigns.

Consider adding SMS and Messenger marketing to your mix. And finally, don’t forget to utilize Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities.

By following these tips, you will start to generate more high-quality leads for your business. Good luck!

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