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6 Killer Ideas For Growing Your E-commerce Business In 2019

Ok, growing your e-commerce business is definitely NOT a walk in the park. Bearing in mind the vast competition, it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd and attract customers with your products. Sometimes you can move the Earth, and nothing will happen afterward, but following our advice in these 6 simple steps, you and your e-commerce business can do better and boost your sales.

Sergey Butko

Provide Relevant Offers

Nothing is more off-putting than seeing offers that don't refer to your interests or shopping preferences. Honestly, if you offer things connected to pregnancy to someone who is not into this topic at all, you're pretty likely to lose a potential customer – or even a loyal one if the situation keeps repeating.

Spend some time and effort on preparing well-thought-out offers that suit each customer.

2. Think About your Social Media Presence

Your e-commerce business won't sell itself—you need to promote it. Social media offers the possibility of advertising and reaching your target group.

Judge what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn have to offer as promotion types and choose according to your goals. Launch, and then don't forget to optimize. Also, strive to build a community around your e-commerce platform.

3. Install Some Helpful Widgets

People love them or hate them, that's right. They can be disturbing, and customers may find them so annoying that they would leave a website.

However, what if you offer them valuable solutions through widgets? One of them could be CallPage. We help to engage your website visitors and help to provide an immediate response from your company's reps.

Thanks to such an innovative solution, your business can generate up to 125% more e-commerce leads. How does it sound?

4. Consider Opt-In Pop-Up Offers to Stay with Your Brand

Are pop-ups that wrong? We are not so sure about it.

Although they can drive your customers crazy, they can also improve ecommerce conversion rates or help you build your mailing lists. The latest stats show that they can increase your conversion by a few hundred percent – why not try it out on your website?

Opt-in Pop up offers could connect customers to your brand instead of leaving your website. Offer them an e-book, checklist, or another special offer – testing is fun!

5. Flaunt Customer Reviews and Build Trust

We live in a world where recommendation is the key to success.

Encourage your customers to leave feedback on your website directly or via an email survey. Don't hesitate to show off the latest and most excellent reviews on a dedicated page and in future communications.

Many online shops still sell great things or offer solid services but don't maintain any communication with customers after a purchase. They miss the opportunity to get feedback or opinions that could be helpful for your future customers and improvement of your products as well!

Consider introducing star ratings on your website and testimonials if your business is about services or reviews. You can also do it on your social media profiles, making them even more trustworthy.

6. Think Outside The Box

E-commerce trends change constantly, but many solutions still exist that can work for your brand or have yet to be tested.

Here are just a few examples and e-commerce business ideas you can use to make your business roar!

  • Affiliate marketing may require time, effort, and preparation to implement, but it can work wonders for your business, especially if your affiliates are people and websites that gather your target group.
  • Partnerships: getting into advanced collaborations or selling products from particular brands can gain you free advertising if they are willing to share with their audiences the fact they cooperate with your business
  • Expanding your target groups: you can never say that the search for a perfect target group is finished. Many factors could make you think twice! Some products and services may be offered in a different way of communication to a different group of people and deliver even better results than your current strategy.
  • Special limited offers: do you know the term FOMO? Fear of Missing Out also applies to e-commerce. Give your customers a special deadline offer– thanks to mailing, social media, or widgets on your website you can keep reminding them. Craziness overload!
  • Grow your mailing list: although many people don't believe in the power of mailing, you shouldn't listen to them. In e-commerce, the open rate is high, so you should take care of your mailing database's quality (over quantity) and prepare a strategy for sending newsletters and offers to selected and segmented groups.


Focusing on boosting your eCommerce growth can enhance your online presence while creating incredible eCommerce CTAs can improve customer engagement and drive conversions. The proof is in the pudding – and it may be a lovely one for you – if you get to test these solutions. There is still a lot of potential in e-commerce businesses, and they can still make the most of how they communicate, what they offer, and how they sell.

About Author:
Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe. Digital Marketer. Speaker, Author, AI passionate. Co-founder at CallPage – Callback Automation and co-founder at Certifier – Online Certificate Creator. Areas of expertise: product design, marketing technology, and B2B sales.

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