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The Best Novocall Alternative

Effectively turn website visitors into ready-to-buy leads. Compare CallPage vs. Novocall and pick the best for your goals!

Three main reasons why CallPage is the best Novocall alternative

Pay Once And Get Four Ways of Lead Generation

All lead-capturing channels in every pricing plan!

CallPage allows you to configure widgets with four possible forms to capture leads: instant callback, call request, leave a message, and schedule a meeting. Novocall products are chargeable separately, and every product has a different management panel. In CallPage, you have the information in one place, no need to switch and redirect to another panel.

Full Personalization of The Widget

Style the CallPage widget to match your site and increase conversions

CallPage provides a full range of personalization options for the widget. You can change its appearance, logo, and positioning to make it blend with your site. Customize the widget's appearance using CSS, making it feel genuinely part of your site, and increasing website conversions.

Lead Distribution Made Easy

Match leads with the perfect consultant for their needs

CallPage allows you to set routing rules and set departments for better qualification. Whenever the lead requests a call or schedules a meeting, they will always be connected with the best-fitting member of your team. With the possibility to customize the booking form, you can also ask a range of qualifying questions to get the kind of data you need.

Callpage Sets the Standard for Customer Satisfaction

CallPage is a highly-rated product with excellent customer support.

What CallPage users say

Let the success stories of CallPage's customers inspire your own! You can boost sales and give users an unbeatable experience.

Choose CallPage and start increasing your leads today!

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