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Turn website visitors into sales calls, instantly

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How To Use Phone Tracking To Seal The Deal

Autor: Romeo Man | Opuplikowano: 24.10.2016 | Czas czytania: 6m

So you are interested in call tracking.

Great news for you!

Next you are about to learn more about call tracking and how to use call intelligence!

Follow me.

Wouldn’t it be great if you would know all the time where your money is going?

I bet you also want to know exactly where every single penny that you invest is going and how it’s performing.

So what is call tracking?

Imagine you are tracking the productivity of each phone call your sales team makes, by using different phone numbers (for every person that visits your website). Now imagine you have a different number for every campaign that you make!

Call tracking can tell you the exact results for each channel (social media, website, etc.)

Call tracking gives you the opportunity to learn about the experience of the users and how they act and react to the phone calls.

Basically, how the customers end up buying from the phone. We’ll talk about that later.

Let’s talk about what really interests us.

What do you gain?

  • You’ll know your ROI better – knowing from where your calls come or where your calls go, you will know the result of every call. You will know what you invested your money on and the quality of your investment.
  • Your call conversion will increase – because tracking phone calls is easy, and most of the deals get close on phone.
  • The calls are better tracked – you will know how many calls a person gives, what is a customer interested in buying and what’s great is that there is no need to record them. The tracking system will give you all the details.

How can your inbound calls have more value?

When you have a good tracking system you will probably be so excited that you will be ready to invest in what is useful and brings you great results. 

Read below to see examples of what you can use!

  • Website – Make it call-friendly! You might have heard of this already, but 70% of the smartphone users are using click-to-call (according to a research made by Ipsos).
  • Landing pages – Use the landing page wisely and offer you public the easiest way to make calls. Use widgets click-to-call. Here are options for your landing page: unbounce.com/instapgaes.com/landingi.com
  • Adwords – Use it by giving people a call to action. “Don’t wait!” “Call now!” “Use the promotion!”
  • Social Media – Attract more phone calls by sharing the phone numbers on every page of your social media. Sometimes you will be surprised how many contacts you will get from it.

In the beginning I mentioned something about call intelligence.

Sounds smart, right?

But what is the difference between call tracking and call intelligence?

I will give you a simple definition: call tracking will tell you where your calls come from.

Meanwhile, call intelligence gives you more qualitative leads, by following the course of the callers, from simple visitors to the moment they make a deal on the phone.

What do you gain?

  • Greater amount of calls! – Plus you will comprehend from where those calls are coming from. 
  • More qualitative leads. – Follow your customers in their journey and improve it! Your calls will be of more value.
  • Higher ROI. – Make sure that your system has the fitting settings made, and track them constantly. Then you will see how your ROI will rise.
  • Effective insights. – you will have more data and higher revenue by learning fundamental information about the phone calls (location of the person, time of phone call, conclusion of phone call, etc.)

What are the next steps?

Keep it clear in your mind. You want what’s best for your business, and improving or adding phone calls would make it more profitable.

Now that I explained you more on how to use phone tracking in a profitable way, you may wonder: what now?

You already know the answer. Start now.

Make a more productive use of your website and track the phone calls now.

Give your users a better experience by providing them the easiest way to contact you. Give your business the chance to improve its ROI and revenue leakage.

Discover more about it in our detailed “Ultimate Guide To Business Call Tracking & Phone Leads”.

Author Bio:

Romeo Man is a Business Automation specialist and founder of MAN Digital. If you can get him on your side, you’ll start attracting the right people and converting them to customers with a custom-built sales funnel built on data, not hunches. Find out how he does it at MAN.Digital and follow him @RomeoMan. 

Romeo Man
Autor: Romeo Man

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