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Why over 3000 companies use the callback solution?

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Why over 3000 companies use the callback solution?

Okay, hi guys, I think we can start. My name is Patricia, I'm a team leader of international sales at CallPage. As you can see, I've recently changed my hair but it's still me... Today we'll talk a bit about callback solution. I will try to keep it short and interesting. I was wondering for a long time, what and how I would like to tell you... because, don't lie to ourselves, webinars are all about showing the brand and the product. And yet I don't want to be the person who only shows what you can buy from us. I want to share my knowledge with you, so after this webinar is finished, you'll be able to find out what your company really needs.


Let's start from the question, who knows how callback solutions works, and who is already using it? Just try to answer on the chat. Anyone? Anyone knows the callback solution? So Omar is using it. And... if you don't know anything about the callback solution, don't worry - I'm here to tell you all you need to know. I will tell you a bit about how callback solution was created, and why I'm the right person to tell you about it. We all know callbacks date so far back, they're basically prehistoric. When you click, you put your number, and you just wait and wait. We're ordering a callback, and then a company gets an e-mail with your number, and someone at the company needs to have ten minutes to check the inbox, to dial your number, and then, finally, you get a call back. How long does it usually takes? We got some tests, and it's really scary. In some companies it was few minutes, but in others it was days or it never happened. So our founders had this task in the company they worked for. How to increase convertion on forms like this. They did some of the tests and they realized that when you add the estimated time of the callback, people are more likely to leave their numbers. And if you make this time even shorter, convertion is higher. We thought, "wouldn't it be cool if you would be able to call back in few seconds?" And then the idea was born. We decided to create an app which will automatically connect customers with a company in 28 seconds. I'm happy to say we're the first on the market who came up with this idea. Right now, of course, we have a lot of competitors but it only shows this is a good solution and people really needed it. Of course we improve our service all the time to stay a leader of a callback solution. You may not know it yet, but in Poland, where we are based, there is over 3000 companies which use callback solution, and now it's time for the rest of the world - so all of you. For those who don't know if 3k is a lot - yes, it is a lot because Poland is not the biggest country, and for our market, 3k is a huge number. You may also say, "meh, it's not good, it's only done by a tool on the website", and that is actually how I felt when I came to work for this company. And look at me now: I am still here and I'm amazed with what we can do for people.


So let's see the agenda for today. We'll talk why callback might be better than chat from time to time. We'll talk about new shade of calls - automation and voice interface - and how to increase number of your calls by 80% - it will be based on success story from our customer.


So, callback vs. chat. For the beginning, I would like to tell everyone of you I am not telling here that chat is bad. I am not - remember. I'm not telling you to delete the chat and use the callback. I just want to show you that sometimes for your business is better to offer a call back. So, few years ago when live chat was created... By the way, did you know that LiveChat is also from Poland? So, everyone wanted to chat on their own websites. It is cool because you don't need to call and wait for someone to answer. You just write down your question, and boom - here is the answer... Of course there were still people telling that this is the same as having contact form and answering through the e-mail. But it wasn't the same, especially in B2C business where people don't always check their e-mails often. Even when they ask for an answer, we are chained to our mailboxes at work but at home we have more important things to do. So, with the chat you were sure that in most cases your customer is still on your website and is still interested in your product. I even found the article from 2010 about the chat and why it is better than phone support. As you can see in this red area, they say that the biggest headache with phone support are: long wait time, background noise, and slow response time. So, I can't fix your background noise - that is obvious. But you can forget about other problems mentioned. When the callback solution customer is not calling you, he's ordering a call, then our system calls your available managers, and the first one that pick up the phone is connected to the customer. And the customer thinks that you're calling him back, so it adds the "wow" effect to the whole process. It also gives him a possibility to order a callback for later if he can not talk right now. And, again, it's made automatically by the system, so we don't need to remember about it.


Why the customer would choose the call if he can get a quick chat? This is the question that most of our customers ask us when they're thinking about buying our product. In the time of texting and live chat on every website, we like to talk. We feel very important when someone is taking the time to help us. When you write on the chat, you don't know how many things someone on the other side is doing at this very moment. He can be answering five people at the same time. So he can not give you proper help and focus, because, well, he's not focused on you. Or he could be even joking with friends or watching the YouTube video or treating conversation as his next boring duty at work. On the phone you can easily find out if the person on the other side is engaged in the conversation. Also sometimes I am a little afraid that I'm not talking with a real person. Sometimes my question is really complex, and I spend a lot of time to explain on the chat what do I mean, and then I get a short, not specifically clear answer. My thought is that this is either a bot or someone who doesn't really care about me. Actually, three days ago we had a webinar with someone from HubSpot, and he said some words that I really liked. He said, "human is a social being - it's more like to buy from another human than the machine." And I think that's really true.


Okay, so this is why customer wants to talk on the phone. Why you, as a manger at the company, should use it? It takes more time for you than answering on chat. First of all, if you want to sell anything, you need to build a relationship, and you can't do it through the chat. You need to show your customer that he or she is important for you. In the time of the Internet we have a lot of competitors out there and a lot of cheap products, for example from China. You need to add something extra for the customer. That is why customer service and Lead Response Time are such important issues. For people, who don't know what is Lead Response Time, send me your e-mail later, and I'll send you back some information, because it's actually a great subject for companies. Also, when you have the customer on the phone, it is easier to ask him a question, to find out what he really needs. You are also able to read his emotion when he speaks, so you know which direction is right during the talk. For example, when you talk to the customer about the offer... I hope some of you had the situation when you are sending the message with the offer to the customer and he says that he'll think about it. When you tell the price over the phone, you can hear what the customer thinks with his next words and it gives you a hint - maybe it's too high, and you need to come up with the offer that will suit him. Talking over the phone gives you chances to stop the customer lying to you. Then you give your customer freedom to choose what he likes the best. You guys can think I'm telling all of that because I simply can't say people to use chat or the website contact forms, so to prove you that I really think what I say here... well let's see... We love callback and chat so much, we are now partnering with LiveChat, and we'll get our customer a discount for LiveChat. So, I think this really shows that we really like to work together at CallPage. But if you don't believe me that you need callback solution because the whole world is going towards automation, there is still few things I need to tell you about the callback...


First of all, I know I wasn't supposed to sell the product here but teach you, so let's pretend that this is not selling all... Let's agree that this part is how CallPage is, in general, working and I'm using example of CallPage because this is the one I know, and I know that this one has the best features. So, we already know how it works. It connects you automatically with the customer; all you need to do is to answer your phone, and your customer thinks that you are calling him back in 28 seconds. And we already know that the customer can order a callback for later, and it will do the same but in the right time of course. We don't know yet that CallPage will send the text message with the reminder five minutes before the call. We also don't know that this is not the only message the CallPage is sending automatically. For example, after every call both the customer and the manager get the "thank you" message with a direct number to the person he/she was talking to. And what if you missed your call? We know that the general idea of our app is to call back in 28 seconds. But are all working people, and know how life likes to surprise us with meetings and last-minute work. That is why you can get a text message with the number of the person you missed. You can get additional information; maybe your manager will be free next time. And, more importantly, you can get the whole dashboard to manage calls. You can check who and when ordered a call back; you can see which manager took a call. You can leave notes or tag all the calls, and, of course, you can filter all calls by date, by manager, and many, many more. But if you're travelling a lot or you are driving from one meeting to another, and you simply can't access your computer on the road, don't worry. We have a mobile app where you can check everything from your phone. Also, if your customer is driving from one meeting to another, you can just use our mobile version to order call back.


And now, let's say, on your main number you have IVR and your customer needs to press a button to choose if he wants to talk to the support team, sales team or even if he needs to choose with which office he wants to talk - New York or London. Here the whole idea of our app is ruined because he still needs to wait on the line, choose a department, and wait for someone to answer. And boom - here we have the solution. What you can see on the left is a visual IVR. Before putting the number and ordering a call, customer choose the department of the office he wants to talk to. And you probably noticed that this pop-up looks a bit different than the others... It is all because you can personalize it, so it will match your website and attract the target group of your choice.


And, to not bore you to death with CallPage features, the last one for today is... scoring rules. Our system is detecting the potiental customer and if he's scrolling through the website or clicking a lot, he can be looking for something he needs. So, why leave him on his own? Pop-up is opening and asking, if he likes to receive a free call back. The same happens when he tries to leave the website but then a message appears - for example, "Didn't you find what you were looking for? Leave us your number and we will call you back within 28 seconds." Okay, so if all this didn't convince you, the most important thing is: every company likes to be trendy. Trendy is sexy. Let's look what is happening at the whole world. What about Google Assistant? Did you see this video on YouTube where Google Assistant booked an appointment on hair salon through the regular phone call with real person? If not, you need to see it: the name of the video is on the bottom; you will also get the presentation after we're finished. So, everyone is calling these days, even bots. It's your turn now.


And for the end... I know that all of you can think, "what a Polish company can offer me?". I have two case studies for you, to prove that we can offer you something that really works. You'll get this presentation later, as I said, so you can just sit down and think about it. But right now we'll start from the case study from bySTORED. And here you have these bullet points about the case; I will read you the whole thing. About the company: they are a full-service door to door London storage solution. They are disrupting the sector by proving a truly customed-oriented solution for the storage. They are taking all of the stress out of storage by doing everything for the customers. They wrote: "And why buying an implemented CallPage? Out data did show us that the customers really prefer to speak to one of our storage consultants on the phone above any other means. We want to make phone calling as easy and stress-free as possible. As a result, our CallPage interactions with customers increased by 80 percent." This is the company from the U.K., and the next company is actually my client. I was working with him, so it's really cool to say that he's also talking about me. This is SOS Electronic. About the company... They say: "We are transnational distributor of electronic components for industrial production. We specialize in verified world brands with design-in emphasis. Thus, we are with you already during the design and development of the devices. Customers are most grateful for the individual service and support. SOS Electronic is a part of the strong German holding, Conrad Electronic." Maybe you've heard of them... And why CallPage was implemented? They wrote: "So, in the past we tried several communication tools to faciliate our customers to contact us. Very often happened that our sales staff didn't have time to answer the customers, so a notification was left by our communication tool. But CallPage makes it simple. A customer is connected with a sales operator. CallPage is easy and fully automated process; it is the right tool for us. No more forgotten calls to the customers. CallPage installation was really easy, fast, and user-friendly. There were some small issues with the customization but people from CallPage are always very helpful and try to do their best. We can see two advantages of using CallPage. First, it integrated leads for us, and it is good image promotion for us. And many customers don't believe that we'll call them in 30 seconds, so usually they are surprised and speechless, and really appreciate this additional service."


Okay, so I hope I told you something interesting. And I hope I showed you that callback solution is really the thing you need. So, right now I have a really good deal for you. And if you are not a CallPage customer yet, and if you would like to be, you have time till the end of the weekend. You just have to send me a message, to: patricia@callpage.io. And the first people who will do it, they will get 30% discount from me. And, of course, this discount is not only for one month payment; if you will decide for a longer time, you'll also get 30% off. So, remember: patricia@callpage.io.


And right now is question time. If you have any questions for me, you can just put it in chat, and we will see if I can help you. I hope I can. Okay, anyone? Any questions? If you don't have a question right now but you'll think about something else later, you can just send me an e-mail... "Would that offer work with upgrading to a bigger plan?" Of course. You just have to be the first or a second who is sending me the e-mail and we can upgrade to the bigger plan with this discount. Okay, I'm waiting for other questions. I would like to really say hi but I'm not sure how to say your name so I will not hurt you name... So I'm just saying: hi. How can I help you? When we are waiting for the question, I will just tell you that for the end, after the questions, I will just send you on the chats, like, a short call to ask how you liked the whole webinar. So, if you could just wait till the end, it would be cool. "If this small start up can buy enterprise version". You know, our plans are actually customized to needs of every customer... So, enterprise is not only calls - it's not all... It's actually a lot of features. And with enterprise packet, you'll have, like, almost everything unlimited; we are just limiting your calls, because, you know, we can not give you unlimited calls - we could lose a lot of money that way. So, only calls are limited... And if you want to get some of the features from the higher plan, you can just ask us, and we will create a plan - it doesn't have to be enterprise. Our enterprise prices are really high because it's for big corporations. You just have to create an account, then contact the person who'll be responsible for an account, and we will prepare customized offer specifically for you, so don't worry.