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Social Selling on LinkedIn: How Sales Teams Can Use It to Sell Smarter
with Michael Chapman

Learn about best social selling practices on LinkedIn that sales teams use to reach potential clients and sell more.

Date: March, 28 at 11:30 AM ET

Number of people: 252

*After the limit of 300 is reached, the registration will be closed.

During a webinar you will learn:


  • Learn how to use the power of high quality video to cut through the noise.
  • Find out how to connect with your audience, and educate them.
  • Learn how to pre-qualify the audience for sales.

Webinar is for business owners, marketing and sales directors, professionals responsible for the lead gen strategy in companies.  

During a webinar you will learn:

How to build trust and authority on LinkedIn
Building blocks of social selling strategy
How social selling helps sell more
How you can teach your sales team social selling techniques
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Growth Marketer,


Margo creates content that converts leads into paying customers for SaaS industry. She has been building sales funnels in various marketing agencies helping companies make the process of lead gen and sales more predictive.

David Chapmen LinkedIn Sales


Sales Leader
& Sales Coach


Michael began his career in transportation and quickly learned how “selling” really isn’t selling.  During his career,  he served in multiple sales and sales leadership capacities within complex and arduous sales cycles. He has reached over 60k+ followers on LinkedIn and has organically become an authority in social selling. 

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