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How to win the race for a client in automotive industry? + Q&A Session with Jim Ziegler

Learn about channels of lead acquisition for car dealers and improve the ratio “lead to customer” with short lead response time. 

Number of people: 252

*After the limit of 300 is reached, the registration will be closed.

During a webinar you will learn:


  • Learn how to use the power of high quality video to cut through the noise.
  • Find out how to connect with your audience, and educate them.
  • Learn how to pre-qualify the audience for sales.

Webinar is for business owners, marketing and sales directors, professionals responsible for the lead gen strategy in companies.  

During a webinar you will learn how to:

Decrease a sales cycle to sell cars faster
Improve lead response time
Use low-hanging fruit to start acquiring more clients
Become better than competitors in automotive industry
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Growth Marketer,


Margo creates content that converts leads into paying customers for SaaS industry. She has been building sales funnels in various marketing agencies helping companies make the process of lead gen and sales more predictive.



Automotive expert,
Alpha Dawg


Since March of 1986, Ziegler has done business with more than 15,000 dealerships nationwide and more than 100,000 dealers, managers and factory executives have attended Jim’s automobile dealer management seminars. He is a recognized authority in automotive business in the U.S., keynote speaker and bloger.

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