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Call Center Software for Your Business

Call Center Software for Your Business

A complex phone system that allows your team to be connected anywhere and reply to inbound calls immediately.

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Call center software for your business
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and more than 1500 top performing sales teams are using CallPage

Virtual phone numbers

Get a local or international phone number for your company, choose from over 30 countries and gain your customers' trust right at the start of your interaction.

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Virtual PBX

Build a business phone system in your company. Set up IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call queuing or no-queue connection for each virtual number.

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Faster service

Answer customers’ calls faster than before. Everything happens automatically within the CallPage application, enabling you to provide faster service.

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More incoming calls

Catch customers’ attention and answer more calls. By using Call Queuing feature, your potential clients won't hear the busy tone and will be more likely to wait for the connection.

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Shorter waiting time

Increase the chance of repeat contact from customers. Call Scheduling feature will allow your customers to order a call and schedule it for later if they don't want to wait in the queue.

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Personalized IVR

Save your and your clients’ time. Distribute calls to the right people or departments in seconds using personalized IVR.

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Customized voice messages

Seize the moment when you can catch customers' attention. Set different types of recordings, e.g., music or ads for customers who are waiting in the queue, e.g., music or ads.

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Advanced statistics

Evaluate statistics of virtual numbers effectively, appraise the work of consultants by listening to the recording of sales calls and tracking relevant metrics (for example, the number of missed calls).

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Integrate CallPage with your favorite tools

Integrate CallPage with your favorite tools

Integrate CallPage with your favorite tools

Capitalize on the power of virtual call center combined with popular tech platforms

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Integrate CallPage with your favorite tools

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