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All features

Details Basic + Professional Premium Custom
Price per month $14 $79$79 $189$189 Custom
Leads 15 150 400 Custom
Call operators 2 5 10 Custom
Price per additional lead 30 leads for $29 Custom Custom Custom
Phone numbers included in the plan
Custom Custom Custom
Domains with CallPage Widget 1 2 5 Custom
2 5 Custom
Call recording history 3 months 6 months 12 months Custom
Technical support mail chat + mail chat + mail dedicated manager

Automate workflow

Working hours
SMS notifications
Desktop notifications
Email notifications
User roles

Performance report

Summary dashboard
Leads dashboard
Advanced reports and statistics
Export data to CSV


Custom fields
Custom SMS
Custom SMS Sender ID
Custom voice messages
Custom Caller ID
Custom scoring rules

Widget customization

Text personalization
Popup personalization
Tooltip personalization
Custom button
Custom eyecatcher
Custom styles (CSS)
Dedicated widget personalization


Basic Scoring rules
Merging widgets
Caller ID
Call forms


Static CallTracking
Offline marketing Ads
Online marketing Ads
Click-to-call Ads


Scheduled calls
Leave message
Call recording
SMS follow-up
Retrying failed calls
Callback from dashboard
IVR (vocal server)New
Call QueuingNew
Call SchedulingNew


User permissions
Country blocking
IP blocking
Blacklisted numbers


Google Analytics
Sales Manago
Intercom (Coming soon)
Rest & JS API
Dedicated integrations

Answers to common questions

  • What is an inbound call?

    An inbound call is a call made by your rep when your potential customers use the CallPage widget. Consider an ‘inbound call’ as a lead with whom you can have a conversation. We don’t count calls shorter than 10 seconds.

  • Why would I need more features than the free account?

    Certain products and certain companies have a need for a higher volume of calls than others. Furthermore, some of the CallPage features on higher plans will directly increase the number of incoming calls. This is why the number of included calls increases with the tiers.

  • What if someone tries to block or spam the widget?

    This is a difficult thing to do, but we have created a blacklist feature, available on all plans . The blacklist works with IP addresses and phone numbers.

  • Is the Basic version really free?

    Yes! We want to help you improve your business. This is why the Basic version costs you nothing.  You can also try other options free of charge – no credit card information is necessary to sign up and try CallPage now

  • Do you have free version?

    Yes, you can test unlimited CallPage features for 7 days for free, after that free basic plan.

  • Do I need to have credit card to start trial?

    No, you dont have to give your card details to set up your callpage account.

  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes you can cancel your subscription any time.