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CallPage - callback plugin
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CallPage is about callback speed and automation

Small and large companies install CallPage instead of popups for quick contact in 28 seconds. Callback speed and automation is what distinguishes CallPage from popups.

These companies gave up popups in favor of CallPage:

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Stand out from the competition

Install CallPage and while the competition manually calls their customers by looking for a number in CRM, you will establish a good contact within 28 seconds, which will result in a potential sale.

CallPage's popup
CallPage's popup

To solve these problems, we created CallPage







Why people choose CallPage



Time-saving software that helps you get hotter leads from Website and close them on the phone. CallPage also help to decrease response time and can be integrated with your CRM

Popular features:

  • Callback in 28 seconds
  • Call scheduling
  • CRM integration
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With CallPage you can generate leads at scale. Callback software to help you to improve User Experience & convert more visitors into calls for your Sales Team.

Popular features:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead targeting
  • Analytics Dashboard
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Very often your customers except livechat need to have ASAP call from you. With CallPage you can exceed expectation, provide immediate callback and increase your NPS score

Popular features:

  • Callback in 28 seconds from link
  • Widget customisation
  • Call tickets dashboard
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Lead generation and conversions are marketer’s top challenges

Lost opportunities

Lost opportunities

39% of all leads remain unanswered and lost in the sales process.

Costs of leads

Costs of leads

Cost of lead acquisition in internet during last years grew dramatically ~335%.

Limited patience

Limited patience

90% of customers claim that immediate response is very important.



The best odds of making a successful contact with a lead are within 5 minutes.

Features like no other

  • Callback in 28 seconds

    Callback in 28 seconds

    Instantly connect with website visitors using a callback phone connection.

  • Call scheduling

    Call scheduling

    Let your customers book an ASAP call instead waiting on the line.

  • Night mode

    Night mode

    Generate leads via widget form for after-work hours.

  • Departments


    Add departments to your widget so potential customers can connect directly with consultants.

  • Callback from website forms

    Callback from website forms

    Reach out to your prospects from any form on the website that they fill with their phone number through our system.

  • Call algorithm and retry failed calls

    Call algorithm and retry failed calls

    Set the dialing sequence - random, simultaneous or rated. Automatically callback to the visitor, in case the call did not take place.

Start growing with CallPage today!

Give your digital visitors the ability to get in touch with you within seconds by implementing a callback solution like CallPage. This tool, implemented on your web page, encourages an immediate conversation and connects a potential client with a consultant in 28 seconds, having a direct, positive influence on conversion rate and sales results.

Ross Knap, CEO

Ross Knap, CEO
    CallPage - High performer award
    CallPage - Small business fastest implementation award
    CallPage - Best est. ROI award
    CallPage - Small business high performer Europe award
    CallPage - High performer Europe award
    CallPage - Small business best est. ROI award
    CallPage - Fastest implementation award
    CallPage - Users love us award

Frequently asked questions

What is an incoming call?

It is a call generated by CallPage that your advisor receives to connect with the visitor to your website (i.e. a potential customer). We don't count calls shorter than 10 seconds.

What happens if I exceed the monthly connection limit?

We will inform you in advance so you can add new connections or wait until the end of the month for them to be added automatically.

What if someone maliciously tries to connect to my company?

We have created a special list to which you can add any contact. It will then be blocked. The list may contain telephone numbers or IP addresses.

How does the trial version work?

You install the widget on your website and receive calls for 7 days. Then you decide if you want to continue cooperation. After the trial period, you can resign from cooperation without any obligations, switch to the paid plan, or you can use the free version of the application.

Is the BASIC plan really free?


How does the response time to an inquiry affect sales?

Consumers expect real-time response 24/7. HubSpot research shows that at each stage of contact with the brand, buyers described quick contact with the seller as "important" or "very important". They pointed it out 82% of the time they had questions about sales or marketing. "Quick contact" means 10 minutes or less.

Do I need a credit card to start the trial period?

No, you can test the full version of the application without any obligations for 7 days.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can do it at any time.

Try unlimited features free for 7 days, then basics $0/month!

Increase your sales, generate more leads, improve user experience!

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