Uber for customer support powered by blockchain

Through our blockchain-powered CallPage platform, independent customer support operators could provide companies with call proceeding services in exchange for CallCoin tokens, without traditional middleman institutions taking a margin. 


Our mission is to decentralize the customer support industry and tokenize the interactions between companies and independent customer service agents using cutting-edge decentralization technologies such as Ethereum and IPFS.

Ross Knap,CEO and Co-founder of CallPage

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Our product

Our mission is to tokenize customer support and sales industry, and to create revolution in terms of corporations and their outsourced call operators. We are offering a comprehensive search solution with the ability to conclude contracts between the business customer and independent call operator, as well as a platform for training and monitoring the performance of executors, previously specified in the contract, and coin as a mean of payment for the work done.


Decentralized marketplace

Place where company and worker can find each other and start working through a Smart contract, based on the Ethereum, which is concluded between the company-customer and executor of work.


Customer Support Platform

With a CallPage platform the customer will be able to track the performers, and control the progress of the support campaign. Independent Support manager will be able to do his job - to receive calls, process applications and correspond via chat platforms.


Call Coin

The customer support specialists will receive Call Coins for their performers while  customers will be able to pay for it through telephone services and also buy premium features. Also our token will be used to conduct marketing campaigns to find independent support operator.

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5 reasons you need our token

Unsold tokens burnt after the ICO
Callpage token supply is limited and no tokens can be minted after the ICO. All unsold tokens will be burnt after the ICO

Founder’s tokens locked for 4 years
Founder's decided to vest the tokens over the period of 4 years. This will make the price fluctuations less volatile and protect our community.

Tradable after 4 weeks
Callpage will make the tokens tradable 4 weeks after the end of the ICO to fully facilitate the flow of the coin in the eco-system

BuyBack Program
30% of Callpage monthly profit will be dedicated for the Buy-Back program. By buying tokens from the market and burning them, Callpage will proceed in decreasing the token supply increasing the coin value.

Token Vesting
By locking CALL Coins you will be able to secure discounts to all of the services we offer! This would encourage better platform availability and scalability as the number of users would be averaged over a period of time

3 innovative CallPage features

We are offering a comprehensive search solution with ability to conclude contracts between the customer.

We are offering a comprehensive search solution with ability to conclude contracts between the customer.

We are offering a comprehensive search solution with ability to conclude contracts between the customer.

How we use Blockchain


Decentralized repository that will store information about the customers and executors.


Smart contract based on the Ethereum, which is concluded between the customer and executor of work, supported with trustworthy payment method.


Escrow service, which blocks the amount of money paid until the full smart contract execution.


P2P VoIP communication based on Ethereum smart contracts and IPFS.


Automatic dispute resolution system, which will be enhanced with a smart contract.

Tech Product Road Map

Decentralized marketplace

  • Core
  • Backend
  • Billing
  • Smart contract module
  • Mobile client
  • Premium feature module
  • Quality Assurance module
  • Blockchain module
  • Tools

Communication Platform

  • Platform
  • Backend
  • Widget
  • Integrations & For developers
  • Tools
  • Blockchain

Call Coin

  • in progress

    Token distribution after KYC

  • planned

    Exchanges announces

  • planned

    Burning all unsold tokens

  • planned

    Implementation Raiden network (if problem with scalability appears)

Key information about our company

700 000

Calls via our system per month

3 200

Business clients

3,4 mln

Views of our widgets per month


Full-time employees

2015 Year

founded in Poland

Meet us

Meet our customers


CallPage Executive & Advisory Team


Ross Knap

CEO & co-founder

Ross is a serial entrepreneur and consultant with experience in both IT and traditional sectors (Services, Management Consulting). Graduated from Warsaw School of economics, Cracow University of Economics and Strasbourg Business School. Winner of the UPC Think Big and Audi Digital Innovation Award. In 2017 entered the ranking “Top 20 European entrepreneurs before 30” according to EU Startups magazine.


Andrew Tkachiv

CTO & co-founder

Graduated from Jagiellonian University in Cracow. He is a professional developer with more than 7 years of experience in programming. Previously, has been frontend developer at Norsys. Additionally, co-founder of THB Solutions.


Sergey Butko

CMO & co-founder

Graduated from Cracow University of Economics. Previously CMO at System Business Advisory Group. Has over 6 years of experience in marketing. He deals with generating leads and conversion on a daily basis. He has gained experience working in a consulting firm.


Ian Scarffe


Ian Scarffe is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world. As a leading entrepreneur, Ian is on a personal mission to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping startups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies. A leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries.


Mateusz Mach


Forbes 30 Under 30. COO of the Opus Foundations - music streaming platform based on Ethereum and IPFS. Moreover, Mateusz is the co-founder of Nextrope, a software house specializing in the blockchain and working with clients from all over the globe to help them build DApps, set up smart contracts and provide professional advise regarding everything blockchain-related.


Tomasz Korwin-Gajkowski


Pprofessional software consultant. He is focused on distributed ledger technology, specializing in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, Solidity and other Microsoft technologies. Tomasz is passionate to share his knowledge about the innovative technologies and is an active contributor and organizer of the Crypto Cracow community meet ups, as well as organizer and speaker at workshops related to Blockchain, Smart Contract programming and Cryptomarkets.


Michał Wójcik

Backend Developer

Backend Developer. Snooker, aviation, financial markets and analog protography enthusiast. Burger lover.


Bogdan Tysky

Business Development Manager

Ambitious business enthusiast with 4 years experience in entrepreneurship. Conducting negotiations with key partners around the world on daily basis, managing risk and ensuring the highest quality of partners’ performance by setting challenging goals. Bogdan is startup enthusiast and active member of Cracow tech community with interests in blockchain and crypto projects.


Piotr Chmielowski

Android Developer

Serial entrepreneur and with experience in both IT and traditional sectors (Services, Management Consulting). Graduated from Warsaw School of economics and Strasbourg Business School.

+ 45 full time workers

Business Roadmap

  1. 2015/07

    Launch in Poland
  2. 2016/01

    Acceleration in SWG
  3. 2017/01

    1 mln Seed from VC
  4. 2017/03

    Audi Digital Innovation Awards
  5. 2017/04

    UPC Think Big Awards
    (part of Liberty Global)
  6. 2017/09

    Blockchain Research
  7. 2018/10

    Product MVP release. First 10 implementations into business clients.
  8. 2018/12

    Full product release & Start of active marketing expansion
  9. 2019/04

    Full-functionality operating product 2.0 with own Blockchain Mainnet

Crowd Sales Details

Total Supply
155 Million (155,000,000) *
Available on ICO
93 Million (93,000,000)
Soft Cap (including presales)
4 000 000 $
Hard Cap
35 000 000 $
Currency Accepted
Token Standard
Privatsales - 45%
1-2 week crowdsales - 35%
2-4 week crowdsales - 20%
5-7 week crowdsales - 10-5%

New tokens will never be released again.

Discount Rates


    Price $0.19


    23,250,000 CALL


    Price $0.23


    18,600,000 CALL

  3. 1 stage

    Price $0.28


    32,550,000 CALL

  4. 2 stage

    Price $0.32


    18,600,000 CALL

  5. 3 stage

    Price $0.33


    23,000,000 CALL

  6. 4 stage

    Price $0.35


    250,000 CALLS

Unsold tokens from previous rounds will be moved into the next round. The token sale will automatically go to the next round when tokens are sold out in the prior round.

Token Distribution

60% Sold during ICO 15% Founding team,vested for 48 months 15% Privat presale 5% Rewards pool (VIP etc.),vested for 12 months 3% Ambassadors,vested for 18 months 2% ICO bounties
2% ICO bounties
3% Ambassadors, vested for 18 months
5% Rewards pool (VIP etc.), vested for 12 months
15% Privat presale
15% Founding team, vested for 48 months
60% Sold during ICO

Fund Allocations

40% Marketing/Sales andCommunity Building 5% Legal andadministrativepurposes 40% Research & Development 15% Long term research team
5% Legal and administrative purposes
15% Long term research team
40% Research & Development
40% Marketing/Sales and Community Building