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LiveCall Alternative

Use CallPage as a more effective
LiveCall alternative

CallPage provides companies the ability to drive more sales leads, move deals faster through the pipeline and elevate their inside sales process. And not to mention an instant callback within 28 seconds.

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CallPage is the most popular and better callback software

It’s not only our opinion. This is confirmed by all top public sources such as Similartech, Getapp, and others

Top reasons to choose CallPage
as the best alternative to LiveCall

Really advanced calls statistics and lead analytics

If you’re looking for an alternative to LiveCall, you want to learn more about your lead & sales processes, post the call to optimize it. Our customizable dashboard gives you a superior understanding of your calls, leads, and your sales process. Additionally, you can receive information not only in our dashboard but in your CRM or Slack via the native integration with CallPage.

CallPage has a higher Capture and Conversion rate, as a result, CallPage generates more sales leads than LiveCall.

How we offer a higher conversion rate:

CallPage analyzes the behavior of your website users and shows popup at the right moment. Score visitors with our 24 pre-defined behavior triggers and an AI-powered engine. You can also customize the scoring system.

Data autofill from the CallPage contact network. More than 5mn leads have initiated contact via CallPage. When a lead lands on your website, their contact data will be auto-filled.

Hands down, CallPage has the most convertible popup view and offers complete personalization. You can use our visual editor and powerful CSS editor to personalize your widget to receive more leads and conversions.

10x more integrations with other tools

Currently, CallPage offers native integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, LiveChat, GetResponse, Facebook Leads Ads, Google Analytics, Slack, Sales Manago, Pipedrive, Zendesk, and Freshdesk. Our integration with Zapier allows you to integrate CallPage with 100+ different tools. And we also have a powerful API, that we built keeping developers in mind.

CallPage is a better alternative than LiveCall
for businesses of all sizes

What other features make CallPage a better option than LiveCall?

Feature CallPage LiveCall
Pricing starts from $0 $49
Advanced and customizable call statistics
Over 20 scoring rules
SMS Sender ID
Leave a message
Custom voice messages
Individual numbers
Call Queuing

CallPage was, in general, a nice surprise! We didn't fully believe this tool is able to improve our conversion rate, but it did and it still does! If you think you can't increase your lead generation, try the CallPage widget!

John Singh, Head of Marketing, Australian Marketing Agency

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