Acquire sales calls directly from Facebook ads in real time

✓ Increase conversion from your social media ads.

✓ Contact people who fill out your Facebook Lead Ads form in 28 seconds.

✓ Boost direct sales from your Facebook ads.

Facebook Lead Ads on Desktop Integration | CallPage
Facebook Lead Ads on Mobile | Integration CallPage

Make use of the data collected on Facebook and Instagram not only to send newsletter 

✓ Make sales calls immediately after the user clicks on your Facebook Lead Ad.

✓Stand out with amazing customer service and outpace the competition .

✓ Use new technologies to boost sales in your company.

How does the integration work?

✓ Create your ad in Facebook Lead Ads.

✓ Your potential customer clicks on the ad on Facebook or Instagram.

✓ Contact form is displayed. Your potential customer gives his phone number.

✓ CallPage automatically connects the customer with your sales rep within 28 seconds.

✓ All data are saved in CallPage panel (including information about the ad from which the call was ordered).

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