Acquire sales calls directly from Facebook and Instagram ads in real time

✓Utilize powerful social platforms to escalate your audience reach

Increase conversion from your social media ads

✓Contact people who fill out your Facebook Lead Ads form in 28 seconds

✓ Boost direct sales from your Facebook ads

Facebook Lead Ads on Desktop Integration | CallPage
Facebook Lead Ads on Mobile | Integration CallPage

Make better use of the data collected on Facebook and Instagram 

✓ Make sales calls immediately after the user clicks on your Facebook Lead Ad

✓ Stand out with amazing customer service and outpace the competition

✓ Use the latest software to define an original sales strategy

How does the integration work?

  1. Create your own Facebook or Instagram Lead Ad
  2. When a visitor clicks, the contact form is displayed
  3. They leave their phone number
  4. Within 28 seconds, they will be connected with your sales rep
  5. Data from the call is stored in your CallPage portal

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