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One solution for different industries

Check the examples of CallPage use cases in
different industries, all of them given by our users


CallPage for E-commerce

Sales call plays the most crucial role in the buyer decision process. Increase value of order by connecting with your customers through CallPage. Encourage them to put more products in the cart. With CallPage, you can also Reduce Cart Abandonment by offering real-time callback from an agent with a special offer for your customers.

CallPage for Automotive

A decision to buy or lease a proper car, insurance, or right part are never made instantly. With CallPage, you can provide quality information to your customers and answer all their questions as fast as possible over the phone. CallPage - the fastest way to recognise your customers' needs and prepare the best offer in the Automotive industry.

Real Estate

CallPage for Real Estate

The most common way to build relationship with customer in the real estate industry is a phone conversation. When somebody searches for an apartment to rent or or buy, they open at least 5 tabs in their browser, fill out contact forms on each of them and wait for the call from agent. Make them buy from you and sell all your properties by offering fastest contact in the industry in less than a minute with CallPage.

CallPage for HR Services

Implement a callback widget on your careers landing page and streamline the recruitment process. Customize a copy of your popup and adjust it to certain job offers. Set scoring rules to proactively approach candidates and prevent them from leaving the website. Offer them an automatic callback in case of any doubts or questions.

Web Services

CallPage for Web Services

If you offer “hard to understand products” or services, like SaaS with big ARPU where sales process need human interaction you can implement CallPage widget on various landing pages and adjust them to your buyer personas. Be there to answer questions related to your offer - pricing, available integrations, advanced features and more.

CallPage for Travel Agencies

In the travel industry it is extremely important to reply to your potential customers quickly before they lose interest or find another agency. CallPage has helped many Travel companies improve their sales departments. Increase your sales thanks to higher effectiveness of phone over chat and start converting your leads into customer via phone.

Travel Services

CallPage for Professional Services

Professional services in many cases are selling through mobile phones. Human interaction and live conversation is extremely important. That's why for consultants, marketers, tax or business advisors and other professionals CallPage is the best solution is increase their sales from Web page and offer real time callback

CallPage for Healthcare Industry

72% of all doctor’s appointments booked online have been booked over phone reservation. If you use Google Adwords or SEO to redirect traffic to your clinic webpage - CallPage will be the best tool to assist your potential customers to book a visit with you over the phone.

Healthcare Industry
Educational Services

CallPage for Educational Services

Be available to your potential students who are interested in your educational product or service. Encourage them to connect with you and provide them additional information about courses or events. Build trust and loyalty by offering a cohesive customer experience and support via callback in 28 seconds.

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