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We reach readers interested in marketing and B2B sales, and much more. Our articles are widely shared in social media and bring the attention of 8000 users of our database. Want to publish your article on CallPage blog? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the topic

Give us your own topic idea or choose from the following list:

Conversion optimization; A/B tests; B2B marketing (e-mail marketing, copywriting, social media, marketing automation, etc.); Lead generation in B2B; Lead Source; Sales, Selling over the phone; Business tips&tricks; Marketing strategy.

Step 2: Remember it has to be “meaty”

We only publish articles we’d like to read ourselves. The meatier”, it is, the better. Your text has to be valuable, encourage discussion and unique (it cannot be published elsewhere before). Promotional articles will not be accepted.

Step 3: Contact us!

Send us an email that includes:


  • title of the message: GUEST POST BLOG CALLPAGE,
  • write down 2-3 sentences about you and/or your company,
  • give us the article’s title,
  • tell us when your text will be ready.

We promote all the articles published on our blog:

1) Your bio will be included in the article along with a link to your website.

2) We will promote your article in our social media and newsletter (+8000 emails).

3) One CTA promoting your business can be located within the article (e.g. a banner).

Contact us and let’s talk about your guest post:


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