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Customer Engagement Software

Customer Engagement Software

Customer engagement software allows you to track your customers’ behavior on your website or online store and invite them to interact with your business. Learn how to use simple contact points to boost customer engagement.

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Key features of the customer engagement platform

A customer engagement solution that can follow your customers throughout the entire customer journey.

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    Track your customers’ behavior

    Your customers may not always know how to use your product and may sometimes get lost in your online store’s buying journey. With good customer engagement software, you can track customer behavior on your online store, your website, or your product dashboard. Based on how customers interact with your product or store, you can build scoring rules that can help you reach your customers at the right time. Manage customer experiences, resolve customer issues, and attract more customers.

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    Catch your customers’ attention

    Improve the overall customer experience by providing your customers with the best touchpoint—a conversation with a person. Ensure a positive brand experience by giving your audience an amazing and unique way to interact with your company. No more chatbots or boring automated emails. Surprise your customers with a 28-second contact option, and win them over with an awesome customer experience.

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    Customer engagement solution

    Customer engagement marketing uses personalized messages to reach potential customers and move them down the sales funnel. Take advantage of the data you have, build a great scoring system, and send your customers the perfect message that they are most likely to respond to. Build dedicated contact widgets and personalize them to increase your customer response rate.

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    Increase customer satisfaction

    Thanks to click-to-call link CallPage can be used in different communication channels a great tool for your support teams, as well as a great tool to boost your sales process. Enable it on your website to give your website visitors an easy way to reach you or connect it with your contact centers to improve your customer relationships.

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    Integrate to follow-up

    Native integrations allow you to send user data from your customer engagement software to some of the most popular CRM systems and marketing automation tools, such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Zendesk. This will allow your sales or customer success teams to continue the work. Use Zapier integrations to connect your CallPage with more than 4,000 tools and software. Add sales automation to get higher sales.

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