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Jak Orange generuje ponad 400 dodatkowych połączeń sprzedażowych dziennie?

About docplanner.com

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ZnanyLekarz.pl (Polish platform) is a part of Docplanner group. Available on over 20 markets, it connects patients with doctors. It makes it possible for patients to make an appointment and add opinions about their doctor (we have over 1,5 million names in our database). The platform supplies doctors and healthcare companies with software which manages patients' visits. Docplanner's platforms are visited monthly by 15 million people. It is the biggest such platform in the world. By now Docplanner obtained PLN 123 million funding.

Doctors are a busy professional group. In consequence, it is often difficult to contact them. That is why portal ZnanyLekarz.pl visited monthly by thousands of users decided to put on its website a widget which enables automatic phone call from a consultant within 28 minutes. Thanks to it doctors who were interested in the platform could determine the time and date of the call from platform's customer service.


Why did docplanner.com decide to implement CallPage?

Managers of the platform do their best to make it easier for doctors to contact the website through e-mails and forms in which they can determine the preferred time of a phone call or live chat. Yet when we try to contact the doctor, he is often inaccessible, even at the date and time he indicated as a convenient one. Thus our managers did not have any tools which would enable doctors to contact us when they needed help with our website. Live chat helped a little, but there were still many doctors who preferred to contact us via telephone. So ZnanyLekarz.pl tried putting its phone number on the website, but it did not solve the problem as the phone was often so busy that many people failed to contact us. CallPage plugin seemed to be the answer to our problem and we decided to test it.

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source: znanylekarz.pl

"Within 6 months 500 doctors decided to contact us through CallPage.  A vast majority of these calls ended in sale."
Marta Wrzosek
Head of Marketing at Docplanner

Why CallPage turned out to be the best solution?

  • It is an employee working for ZnanyLekarz.pl who calls the doctor within 28 seconds. The doctor does not have to call us. 
  • If one of our consultants was busy, the call was automatically redirected to the another one.
  • Thanks to the fact that the calls were recorded, our managers were able to control the quality of our employees' phone talks.

 Docplanner is an international company and that is why it is important for us to have software which would be available on all our markets. In Poland we use CallPage since 2016. Within 6 months 500 doctors decided to contact us through it. A vast majority of these calls ended in sales, even though some doctors and patients use CallPage as a convenient form of contact even when they have questions not directly related to our platform. Docplanner wants to use CallPage also outside Poland.

  Key takeaways:


  • 500 - number of calls from doctors during first 6 months 
  • 0 - missed calls 
  • 2016 - the year of implementation of CallPage on znanylekarz.pl
  • 4 languages - the widget was used in 4 different languages

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