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Jak Orange generuje ponad 400 dodatkowych połączeń sprzedażowych dziennie?

About Style Motor

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StyleMotor offers a wide range of used cars at the best price. Via the website you can book the car you are looking for or sell your used car with a free evaluation and immediate payment in cash. The company, established in 2008, sells cars throughout Italy and Europe with a one-hour pick-up, assistance, accessories, customized financing and with discounted rates. 


  • Type of business: Car dealer
  • Country: Italy
  • Challenge: increasing the number of calls from customers
  • The size of the company: 10 - 15  people

Why did Style Motor decide to implement CallPage?

A decision to buy a car is not made within minutes. Our clients always consider different options, have many questions and doubts.  They tend to compare various offers and companies before placing their order. They never buy our product just via the website, they contact us first, we talk with them, answer their questions and if all this goes well, we arrange a meeting and present a car. So, calls from potential clients are really important to us. We needed to encourage customers to contact us and answer their calls as quickly as possible.  


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source: www.stylemotor.it 

CallPage is a unique, innovative service with an exceptional team. It helps us organize our work and has an influence on our sales records.

Giovanni 2.png

Giovanni Lifavi

CEO at Style Motor

The results:

After implementing CallPage we received the first call within minutes. Somehow the new widget encourages our website visitors to click the button and contact us way more, than our contact page. After analyzing traffic data we can see that potential clients visit different parts of our website and when they are finally interested in a particular car or need more information, they use CallPage widget to contact us and ask about the offer. When we talk with them via phone it's easier to arrange a meeting and close any transaction. We received total of 200 extra calls during the first month of using CallPage.


 Key takeaways:


  • 82% - success call rate
  • 1 employee - answer the calls generated by CallPage
  • 2018 - the year of implementation of CallPage on stylemotor.it
  • 25 minutes - time it took to implement CallPage on stylemotor.it
  • 3:08 - average call duration

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